Ocean Pioneer I is an ocean-going tanker seen in Danger At Ocean Deep.

It was transporting liquid alsterene, a chemical that is highly combustible, when suddenly the ship's reactor started overcompensating. First Officer Collins then switched the control from automatic to manual while Captain Johnson trimmed it. The reactor definition started rising, and thick mist appeared in front of the tanker. It then blasted its fog horn, which fell on deaf ears, as it entered the mist and exploded.


Displacement: 120,000 tons
Length: 620 feet
Power source: atomic reactor powering 35,000 hp turbine
Range: 7,000 miles
Top speed: 45 knots
Width: 89 feet

Cross-section (Cutaway Drawing)Edit

Only one cutaway drawing of the Ocean Pioneer class tankers is known to exist. it featured in Redan Thunderbirds Comics , and was illustrated by Graham Bleathman.

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The BridgeEdit

The bridge of the super tanker is manned only by three crew members, as the ship is fully automated. The ship's controls, can be manually over-ridden when necessary. The crew's main duties include monitoring the ships reactor.


Death Of A SupertankerEdit

As Ocean Pioneer I entered the mist, the reaction of the OD60 and liquid alsterene caused the ship to explode with the loss of the crew.