Olsen's Chalet is situated in the Swiss Alps on the opposite side of the mountain, from the Paradise Peaks Hotel

Its in his chalet that Olsen receives then send coded messages of the whereabouts of RTL-2 flights using a computer called a Cham-Cham.

Chalet InteriorEdit

A Musical Discovery Edit

Lady Penelope and Tin-Tin ski to Olsen's chalet and secretly film him working at a complex computer board. They see a message decoding from musical sounds: "Next rocket transporter departing today local time 14.00 hours. Destruction imperative". The pair are spotted by Olsen. who calls his associate, Banino, at the hotel. Banino attempts to shoot Lady Penelope and Tin-Tin as they ski back to Paradise Peaks but he is foiled by Parker who has overheard his phone conversation with Olsen.

Behind the ScenesEdit