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The following is a list of credits featured in the original Thunderbirds television series.

Opening CreditsEdit

At the beginning of every episode, the opening credits followed the same format: Jeff Tracy giving a "5-4-3-2-1" countdown followed by "Thunderbirds are go". Next we see a short episode teaser, with segments from the episode, separated by flashes of lighting. Then a walk-through of the main characters of the show, in a silhouette form, that turns into a picture. The final credits of "filmed in Videcolour and Supermarionation" are shown on a backdrop of a massive explosion at a oil refinery. The whole sequence takes less than two minutes.

Closing CreditsEdit

This is the closing credits for the first episode Trapped in the Sky, all other episodes keep the same order with the differences noted below.

Trapped in the SkyEdit

Episode teasers for the first episode were not followed by a title card (like the rest of the series), but was given the title "Trapped in the Sky" at a later date.

Pit Of PerilEdit

Episode TeaserEdit

Closing Credits DifferencesEdit

All credits remain the same as the previous episode except for the following:

The Perils Of PenelopeEdit

Episode TeaserEdit

Closing Credits DifferencesEdit

Terror In New York CityEdit

Episode TeaserEdit

Closing Credits DifferencesEdit

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