Operation Cover-up is the name of the security measure used on Tracy Island.

Just prior to the arrival of non-International Rescue-affiliated visitors to the island, Operation Cover-up swings into action. The video screens which connect the island's base with each Thunderbird craft normally show a portrait of its pilot in International Rescue uniform. But the push of a button replaces the portraits with innocuous family snapshots.

Operation Cover-up was used in:

Operation Cover-up(1)

Pictures in Uniform View


Pictures changing in Operation Cover-up


  • The button that activates Operation Cover-up is situated in the side of one of Jeff's yellow sofas.
  • In Trapped in the Sky, it is activated by Jeff. In Edge of Impact, Scott pushes the button.
  • As can be seen above, the side-of-the-sofa prop in Trapped in the Sky looks different from the one in Edge of Impact.
  • Operation Cover-up also appeared to be in use on two occasions in Operation Crash-Dive, even though there was no overt reason for it.
  • This also occurred in The Mighty Atom. While Lady Penelope and the Tracys were enjoying themselves, out on the verandah, the Operation Cover-up portraits could be seen on the wall in the lounge behind them.