When Scott arrives in Ireland in Thunderbird 1, he starts to land with the landing gear down, you can clearly see wheels on the legs, but in the footage on Thunderbird 1 touching down, they have changed to skis.

While Gordon searches for the crashed Fireflash 4 wreckage on the seabed, the parting in his hair keeps changing sides from shot to shot.

Gordon's hair keeps changing because sometimes inside Thunderbird 4, the shot has been horizontally reversed.

When Gordon returns to Thunderbird 4 after making contact with the crew, the puppet-sized Thunderbird 4 seen in the close-up shot doesn't match the model seen in long shot.

When Gordon extends the Laser cuter, it is a completely different shape, while cutting the engines off.

When Gordon is climbing up Fireflash 4 to the cockpit, we see him just about put the left rubber suckers onto the glass. However, in the close up shot, he is putting it onto the blue metal of the craft.


The side nacelles on the puppet-size model

  • When Gordon returns to Thunderbird 4, the camera angle reveals that the side nacelles on the puppet-size model extend backwards only a very short distance, instead of all the way back to the rear of the vessel.
  • Scott flew to Ireland to look for the missing Fireflash airliner, yet Virgil says "His take-off from England was delayed for some reason."
  • In a few shots, Operation Cover-up is used for no reason.
  • If International Rescue were operating at the beginning of this episode, then why did Alan not think to pass on the information about the crew giving out a wrong position on the radio.
  • In one shot, all the lights in Fireflash's cockpit are on even before the crew spot Thunderbird 4 and start flashing to show Gordon where they are.

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