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[Scene opens with Fireflash 3 on runway.]

Lieutenant Burroughs: "London Tower to Fireflash 3, you're clear to go."

[Fireflash 3's engines start up and it begins to move. Once it reaches maximum speed it takes into the sky rather steeply.]

Commander Norman: "That's certainly some aircraft."

Lieutenant Burroughs: "Yes, sir!"

Fireflash 3 Pilot: "London Tower, this is Fireflash. Height 15,000 feet. Climbing to 150,000. Permission to leave London control area?"

Lieutenant Burroughs: "You are clear to leave control area. Report your position as you cross the coast."

Fireflash 3 Pilot: "Thank you, London. Will do. Out."

Commander Norman: "There she goes, through the sound barrier."

Commander Norman: "International Air Minister? Chief Controller, London Airport, here. Fireflash 3 has taken off with no mishap, and crossed the coast a few minutes ago."

Fireflash 3 Pilot: "Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! This is Fireflash 3. Position TS 757/AR 436. Losing height rapidly. Engines a...."

Lieutenant Burroughs: "Fireflash 3, this is London Control. Can you hear me?"

Lieutenant Burroughs: "Rescue Station. Mayday from Fireflash 3. Last heard of position TS 757/AR 436. Start search operation immediately. Air Sea Rescue. Operation Seahawk. Places immediately!"

Commander Norman: "Naval Rescue HQ. Please divert all ships nearest to TS 757/AR 436 to search the area."

Lieutenant Burroughs: "Search aircraft launched, sir."

Commander Norman: "Good."

Seahawk Pilot: "Approaching rescue area. Commence Operation Seahawk."

Seahawk Pilot: "London Tower, Operation Seahawk. Search negative."

Lieutenant Burroughs: "Roger, Seahawk. Return to base."

Lieutenant Burroughs: "Both Aircraft and ship report search negative, sir. Fireflash 3 has just disappeared."

Commander Norman: "It's fantastic! All right, cancel Operation Seahawk."

International Air Minister: "It just is not good enough! That aircraft cost not only £5 million, but 600 lives as well! As International Air Minister, I have a duty to the public, and I'm ordering all Fireflashes to be grounded immediately! Is that clear?"

Commander Norman: "Yes, sir. Perfectly."

International Air Minister: "Furthermore, I want the whole project tested, both in the lab and on the aircraft herself."

Chief Engineer Patterson: "But, with all due respect, sir, we already HAVE carried out exhaustive tests on Fireflash."

International Air Minister: "Then you will redo them, and check the whole works! Is that understood?"

Chief Engineer Patterson: "Yes, sir."

International Air Minister: "No blame is being attached to anyone, but there is a fault, and that fault has to be eliminated. All Fireflashes are to be grounded until they are certified as air-worthy."

TV Reporter: "This morning, British plane Fireflash disappeared on its flight to San Francisco. Earlier this year, on its maiden flight, the Fireflash had a bomb fixed to its undercarriage. And it was only due to the intervention of International Rescue that the plane and its passengers were saved. This time, there were no survivors. All Fireflashes have been grounded pending tests."

John Tracy: "Sabotage again?"

Tin-Tin: "I doubt it. With the precautions they take now, sabotage is unlikely."

Jeff Tracy: "But why should an aircraft like that suddenly disappear?"

John Tracy: "Metal fatigue?"

Jeff Tracy: "I guess it could be a hundred and one things. We'd better watch these tests flights pretty closely."

Tin-Tin: "Despite everything, I still think it's a great aircraft."

Jeff Tracy: "International Rescue Space Station, this is Jeff Tracy."

Alan Tracy: "Go ahead, father."

Jeff Tracy: "I want you to monitor all transmissions on the Fireflash tests."

Alan Tracy: "Right, father. By the way, I've been checking on the crash. According to our automatic fixers, the Fireflash crew radioed a wrong position before they disappeared. They were more than 50 miles out!"

Jeff Tracy: "That's strange. Anyway, Alan, keep listening."

Alan Tracy: "F.A.B."

Jeff Tracy: "Scott, Virgil, Gordon?"

Scott Tracy: "Yes, father. We're all here."

Jeff Tracy: "I want you boys all to stand by. Further tests are being carried out on Fireflash. It could mean trouble."

Commander Norman: "Hello, Patterson. How's it going?"

Chief Engineer Patterson: "Well, uh... we've eliminated metal fatigue. Now we're awaiting the results of the radiation test. Ah, that could be it now. Well, all tests show the Fireflash to be completely OK. So, it's over to you now."

Commander Norman: "You will fly the same course as Fireflash 3. The plane has been checked by the ground crew and found in perfect order. Keep in constant touch with Control."

Fireflash 4 Pilot: "What height do we fly?"

Commander Norman: "150,000 feet. Any other questions?"

Co-pilot Bob: "No, sir."

Commander Norman: "Good. Now, I can't emphasise enough how important it is that you keep in constant touch with Control. Good luck."

Fireflash 4 Pilot: "Fireflash to Control, over."

Commander Norman: "Loud and clear, Fireflash."

Fireflash 4 Pilot: "Control, I'm about to start final ground tests."

Commander Norman: "Roger."

Commander Norman: "It will be your job to maintain continuous contact with Fireflash until she arrives at San Francisco."

Lieutenant Burroughs: "Yes sir."

Fireflash 4 Pilot: "Fireflash to Tower. Pre-flight test completed. Take-off clearance."

Commander Norman: "Fireflash, you're clear to go."

Fireflash 4 Pilot: "Full power."

Fireflash 4 Pilot: "Fireflash to Tower. Airborne at 2,500 feet. Climbing to 150,000. About to go through sound barrier."

Fireflash 4 Pilot: "Fireflash to London Tower. Crossing coast at LS 749/AP 428."

Alan Tracy: "That's odd... The automatic fixer puts them 20 miles North-West of that."

Commander Norman: "Everything OK?"

Fireflash 4 Pilot: "Yes, sir, everything seems fine. 'We're about 50 miles from the crash area."

Commander Norman: "Thank you, Fireflash. Take a position check when you reach the area."

Fireflash 4 Pilot: "Will do, London."

Fireflash 4 Pilot: "Switching to automatic flight plan."

Co-pilot Bob: "So far, so good."

Fireflash 4 Pilot: "Better prepare to check our position."

Co-pilot Bob: "Elevator power unit negative!"

Fireflash 4 Pilot: "London Control, this is Fireflash. We're having trouble with our EPU... (Crackle of interference) ... Gyro stabilisers showing fault."

Lieutenant Burroughs: "Fireflash is in trouble, sir, but I can't read their messages."

Fireflash 4 Pilot: "Fireflash to London. Also having trouble with our gyro."

Lieutenant Burroughs: "Fireflash, please repeat."

Fireflash 4 Pilot: ".... gyro stabiliser trouble. Our position is TS 749/AP 428."

Commander Norman: "Just as we feared. It's the same trouble in the same position."

Fireflash 4 Pilot: "Emergency stations! The instruments gone haywire, and the controls are not reacting!"

Jeff Tracy: "Go ahead, Alan."

Alan Tracy: "Fireflash, father. They've sent out a Mayday, but the signal was too weak for London to receive. I can only just hear it myself. They've given their position, but I make them out 180 miles North-West of it."

Jeff Tracy: "OK, Alan. Listen out and see if you can get another fix."

Alan Tracy: "F.A.B."

Scott Tracy: "Good shooting."

Jeff Tracy: "This is it, boys. Fireflash is in difficulty. Come up and I'll fill you in on the details."

Fireflash 4 Pilot: "Here we go!"

Fireflash 4 Pilot: "Hey, Bob, help me! It's jammed! Quick! We're going under! Come on!"

Co-pilot Bob: "It's no good. It's jammed."

Jeff Tracy: "OK, Scott, you take Thunderbird 1 and establish a base on the coastline nearest the crash area. Then scan the area electronically."

Scott Tracy: "Yes, father."

Jeff Tracy: "Virgil, you take Gordon and Brains with you, and I guess you'll need Thunderbird 4."

Virgil Tracy: "Right, father."

Jeff Tracy: "Keep in touch, Scott."

Scott Tracy: "Will do."

Irish Farmer: "Saints preserve us! Will you take a look at that!"

Scott Tracy: "This is International Rescue. Can you give me a hand with my equipment? We can put it in the barn over there."

Irish Farmer: "International Rescue...? Well, sure, but it's the cows that are in it."

Scott Tracy: "Then they'll just have to move over!"

Virgil Tracy: "Approaching danger zone."

Brains: "Ah, Virgil, get London Control to send the circuit diagrams of Fireflash's electronics. I may need them."

Virgil Tracy: "By radio-photograph?"

Brains: "Yeah."

Virgil Tracy: "OK, Brains."

Kathleen: "Moo!"

Irish Farmer: "Quiet, Kathleen!"

Brains: "Now ah the trouble could be here somewhere. Ah! I I think I got it! No. I haven't got it."

Scott Tracy: "Nothing. There's not a thing floating in the whole area."

Brains: "Hmm... Yeah, I - I got it! If the gyro shaft sheared, it could have damaged the main hydraulic power supply to the flaps. Yeah, that would cause the aircraft to crash."

Gordon Tracy: "Do you think it's possible that they have crash-landed on the sea?"

Brains: "Well, it's possible. It would depend on the skill of the crew."

Gordon Tracy: "Well, they had the best crew available."

Virgil Tracy: "If they crash-landed on the sea, we would have received a distress call from their lifeboat. Unless..."

Brains: "Unless they were trapped in the cabin. And if the hydraulic system jammed, the automatic escape hatches would not operate."

Gordon Tracy: "Do you realise what this could mean?"

Brains: "I realise all right. They could be alive, trapped in the flight deck at the bottom of the sea!"

Fireflash 4 Pilot: "London Control? This is Fireflash. Can you hear me?"

Co-pilot Bob: "It's no good. They can't hear us. Not even with the new thorium beam transmitter. We've had it."

Scott Tracy: "Thunderbird 2 from Mobile Control. Have searched complete area. Result negative. Can see you're approaching danger zone."

Virgil Tracy: "F.A.B. Launching Thunderbird 4. We think crew may be trapped in aircraft on seabed."

Gordon Tracy: "Thunderbird 2 from Thunderbird 4. Commencing launch."

Gordon Tracy: "Mobile Control from Thunderbird 4, I need a course to take me to Fireflash crash position."

Scott Tracy: "Thunderbird 4 from Mobile Control, steer 107 degrees, magnetic."

Gordon Tracy: "Steering 107."

Scott Tracy: "OK, Gordon, you're approaching crash area. Commence search."

Gordon Tracy: "Thunderbird 4, F.A.B."

Co-pilot Bob: "Look!"

Fireflash 4 Pilot: "Quick! Put on all the lights you can!"

Gordon Tracy: "Say, that looked like a light!"

Fireflash 4 Pilot: "Keep flashing!"

Co-pilot Bob: "It fused!"

Gordon Tracy: "Brains, I've found her, and she's in one piece! I can't see any signs of life yet."

Brains: "Nice work, Gordon. Stand by one moment. Now ah, yeah Now, let me see. Ah it's the engines..."

Virgil Tracy: "Could they be alive, Brains?"

Brains: "Please, please, Virgil! Gordon, cut off the engines on the tail-plane with a laser beam, and Fireflash will float to the surface. Then we can rescue the crew."

Virgil Tracy: "If they're still alive."

Fireflash 4 Pilot: "Bob! Bob! There's a frogman! They've found us!"

Gordon Tracy: "Virgil, this is Gordon. They're alive! I can see them. I'm going to send them a message on the Light-Type."

Co-pilot Bob: "Let's hope it works...!"

Co-pilot Bob: "Oh, I can hardly breathe. It's so hot"

Virgil Tracy: "OK, Gordon, she's surfaced."

Gordon Tracy: "F.A.B. Coming up alongside her."

Fireflash 4 Pilot: "What's that... what's that smell?"

Co-pilot Bob: "What smell?"

Co-pilot Bob: "Can't breathe! Can't breathe!"

Fireflash 4 Pilot: "We're on fire!"

Co-pilot Bob: "I'll get the extinguisher."

Fireflash 4 Pilot: "Are you crazy? We can hardly breathe now."

Co-pilot Bob: "We've got to do something. We'll be burned to death!"

Gordon Tracy: "OK, you guys, as soon as the rescue capsule arrives, climb aboard."

Fireflash 4 Pilot: "Come on!"

Gordon Tracy: "Thunderbird 2 from Thunderbird 4. The co-pilot is aboard the capsule. The pilot should be aboard in a couple of seconds."

Virgil Tracy: "Thunderbird 4, F.A.B."

Virgil Tracy: "Are you aboard the rescue capsule? Sing out, if you are. I can hear you over the radio."

Fireflash 4 Pilot: "All aboard."

Virgil Tracy: "Right, hold tight! Thunderbird 2 to Mobile Control and Thunderbird 4. Am clearing area. Looks like she's going up any second!"

TV Reporter: "And so, the test crew of Fireflash are safe. Once again, International Rescue saved the day. We understand from the International Air Ministry that a report radioed to London by the International Rescue eggheads may provide an answer to the technical fault which has bugged the Fireflash aircraft in these past few weeks."

Jeff Tracy: "Boys, I'd like to add my thanks. Well done, all of you. Say, where's Scott?"

Virgil Tracy: "He flew in a few minutes ago. His take-off from England was delayed for some reason."

Scott Tracy: "Sorry I'm late, folks. I had to milk the cows before I took off."

Jeff Tracy: "Alright, go ahead, Alan."

Alan Tracy: "I've been listening to bulletins from London, father. And according to the latest newsflash, there's a top-level meeting about Fireflash going on right now."

Commander Norman: "EPU failure can originate only in the wing."

Chief Engineer Patterson: "And the hydraulic fault points to a lack of sufficient space for the master in the original design."

Lieutenant Burroughs: "Super-tension due to torsion simply wouldn't happen...."

International Air Minister: "Gentlemen, can I have your attention, please? Thank you. It now seems quite certain that the fault in the Fireflash has been traced to the hydraulic system. But what the causes the fault is something that remains to be discovered. So far, we have developed three different theories, all of which place the trouble in the starboard wing. I propose that, for thew present, we must pursue these three theories. I can't see what else we can do."

Jeff Tracy: "I can't see what else we can do. The cause of the Fireflash disasters can only be found whilst the aircraft is actually in flight."

Virgil Tracy: "Gee, if only they'd let us fly one of them, with Thunderbird 2 alongside to help, if need be."

Scott Tracy: "How about that, father?"

Jeff Tracy: "Right, it's settled. We must contact London straightaway. Tin Tin!"

Tin-Tin: "Yes, Mr Tracy?"

Jeff Tracy: "Take a letter, Tin-Tin. I think it's time for International Rescue to act!"

Commander Norman: "It's from International Rescue. They want to come and test Fireflash over the same route."

Lieutenant Burroughs: "Well, if anyone can establish the fault, they can. I suppose they must be the most experienced pilots in the business."

Commander Norman: "All the same, we'd better arrange for Captain Hanson to make the flight with them. He knows them from the Fireflash's maiden flight. You know, when they saved his life. Get him over here, would you?"

Lieutenant Burroughs: "Very good sir."

Commander Norman: "Then contact Security. This whole operation is to be top secret. No one must fly within a 100 miles of the test flight path. And at the airport there's to be 600 yards clearance for the International Rescue craft."

Lieutenant Burroughs: "Right, sir. Er, where was the letter posted, sir? It'll maybe let us know where International Rescue are based."

Commander Norman: "Posted at London Airport."

Lieutenant Burroughs: "They never miss a trick, do they sir."

Alan Tracy: "I've been in touch with the airport, father. Preparations for Virgil's arrival seem to be well under way."

Jeff Tracy: "Thank you, Alan. Virgil's going to reach London at noon."

Alan Tracy: "What form will the rescue operation take?"

Jeff Tracy: "Well, it's difficult to say at present, Alan, but Virgil is loaded up with Pod Four, the diving escape bell and the laser beam cutter. Anyway, keep in touch with London Control in case they want any help with procedure."

Alan Tracy: "Will do, father. Thunderbird 2 should be crossing the British coast any moment now."

Gordon Tracy: "Crossing the coast now!"

Virgil Tracy: "Right. Let's prepare for touch-down now, fellas."

Radar Operator: "International Rescue crossing the coast now, sir."

Commander Norman: "Right. Get the Fireflash lined up at the end of runway 27."

Lieutenant Burroughs: "Yes, sir. Fireflash from Control Tower. Fireflash from Control Tower. Taxi out to the end of runway 27 and await further instructions."

Captain Hanson: "Yes, sir."

Lieutenant Burroughs: "Fireflash in position, sir, on runway 27."

Commander Norman: "Good. Instruct all personnel, with the exception of Captain Hanson, to vacate the aircraft."

Lieutenant Burroughs: "Very good, sir."

Commander Norman: "Where are International Rescue now?"

Radar Operator: "ETA now six minutes, sir."

Commander Norman: "Good. Seal the airport."

Lieutenant Burroughs: "Yes, sir."

Lieutenant Burroughs: "Security is fully operational, sir."

Commander Norman: "Right. What time is it?"

Lieutenant Burroughs: "Three minutes to twelve, sir... and no sign of them."

Commander Norman: "Don't worry. They'll get here on time."

Scott Tracy: "London Airport from International Rescue."

Radar Operator: "International Rescue craft approaching on flight path 29."

Scott Tracy: "Calling London Airport from International Rescue."

Commander Norman: "Come in, International Rescue. Loud and clear."

Scott Tracy: "We're approaching you along flight path 29. Request permission to land."

Commander Norman: "International Rescue from London Airport, you are clear to land. Do you require runway?"

Scott Tracy: "No, London. Will not require runway."

Commander Norman: "Roger, International Rescue. London Airport has been sealed. Fireflash standing by at the end of runway 27."

Scott Tracy: "Thank you, London. OK, Virgil, everything's been laid on for us."

Virgil Tracy: "Losing height now."

Lieutenant Burroughs: "12 o'clock, sir."

Commander Norman: "Here she comes."

Lieutenant Burroughs: "Boy, what timing! You've really gotta hand it to those fellas."

Alan Tracy: "Thunderbird 2 has touched down at London, father."

Jeff Tracy: "Right, now hear this, Alan. I want you to organize and maintain constant contact between yourself, Thunderbird 2 and Fireflash. Is that clear?"

Alan Tracy: "Yes, father."

Jeff Tracy: "Nothing's gotta go wrong this time. Nothing!"

Alan Tracy: "OK, father. Scott's in Fireflash with Captain Hanson now."

Scott Tracy: "Can you hear us on this frequency, Alan, Virgil?"

Virgil Tracy: "Hearing you, strength 5, Scott."

Alan Tracy: "Me, too, Scott. father has instructed me to maintain complete contact throughout the test flight."

Scott Tracy: "OK, Alan. We're switching to open contact."

Captain Hanson: "Right, got it."

Alan Tracy: "Thank you, Fireflash. And good luck. London Control from International Rescue. We are ready to start testing Fireflash."

Lieutenant Burroughs: "All right, International Rescue. You are clear to take off."

Alan Tracy: "All right, Scott, Control has given us clearance."

Scott Tracy: "Thanks, Alan. Well, Captain, it's swell of you to help us out like this."

Captain Hanson: "Listen, Tracy. If anyone should be grateful, it's me. When Fireflash was in trouble on its maiden flight, you saved my life. It's a real privilege to be able to pay you guys back this way."

Virgil Tracy: "So long, Scott."

Scott Tracy: "Through the sound barrier."

Captain Hanson: "Stand by to level out."

Alan Tracy: "Scott has made a good take-off in the Fireflash."

Jeff Tracy: "Right Alan. Glad to hear they're making out OK with the unfamiliar controls. How about Virgil?"

Alan Tracy: "He's just been given clearance by London Control."

Scott Tracy: "I'm at 150,000 feet. On Course. How are you doing, Virgil?"

Virgil Tracy: "OK, Scott. I'm soon gonna catch you up, don't worry."

Scott Tracy: "And Alan, I want a position check."

Alan Tracy: "OK, Scott. Give me your present fix."

Scott Tracy: "We are at LS749/AP 428."

Alan Tracy: "No, Scott. Your reading is wrong! You are 20 miles north-west of that point."

Captain Hanson: "Twenty miles? Gee, that's some miscalculation."

Scott Tracy: "Yeah, those controls are sure way off-beam. All right, Alan, thanks. You had better tell Virgil."

Alan Tracy: "Yeah, will do."

Commander Norman: "We ought to be getting the first report from Fireflash soon. Ah! That must be them now."

Lieutenant Burroughs: "Go ahead, Fireflash."

Captain Hanson: "We've found a fault in the automatic locator, London. Fireflash was giving a wrong position."

Lieutenant Burroughs: "A faulty locator... Well, that could explain a lot."

Captain Hanson: "Furthermore, we're having trouble with the trim. It looks as if the Elevator Power Unit...."

Lieutenant Burroughs: "Fireflash! Come in, Fireflash. They've gone dead, sir."

Commander Norman: "It's the same pattern. The same pattern! First the EPU, then the radio goes."

Captain Hanson: "London from Fireflash. London from Fireflash. Come in, London. It's no use. The radio's dead. We've lost contact with them."

Scott Tracy: "Oh, no, we haven't. Not altogether. Alan, Virgil, do you read me?"

Alan Tracy: "Sure do, Scott."

Virgil Tracy: "Loud and clear."

Scott Tracy: "The Fireflash radio circuit is non-functional. We're gonna have to relay messages to London via Alan in the space station."

Virgil Tracy: "I gather it's pretty desperate. Is that right?"

Scott Tracy: "Yeah, the EPU is negative."

Gordon Tracy: "How about the stand-by?"

Scott Tracy: "That's gone too. It looks as if Fireflash is taking one colossal crash-dive into the Atlantic Ocean. I just can't get the nose up!"

Alan Tracy: "Scott, I've been through to London and explained about the EPU and radio failures. They say you should bail out and let them pick you up."

Scott Tracy: "Bail out? I we do that we'll never know what the fault in Fireflash was. So we'll be back to square one."

Virgil Tracy: "OK, Scott. It looks as if we're gonna have to try that little scheme we discussed earlier."

Scott Tracy: "How long have we got until the Fireflash hits the water?"

Captain Hanson: "Well, judging by the present rate of descent, I'd say we've got about 15 minutes."

Scott Tracy: "Did you get that? We've got 15 minutes."

Gordon Tracy: "Right! Be seeing you... I hope."

Virgil Tracy: "OK, Scott. Hold the Fireflash dead steady. We'll adjust it from this end. It's gonna be tricky, but we can do it safely, provided there's not too much turbulence."

Scott Tracy: "All right, Virgil. Is Gordon ready?"

Virgil Tracy: "All set, Gordon?"

Gordon Tracy: "Yep, ready to go. All right, open the hatch."

Gordon Tracy: "Hey, that's funny, I thought I saw someone."

Virgil Tracy: "What did you say, Gordon?"

Gordon Tracy: "Nothing. I'm just seeing things, that's all."

Virgil Tracy: "Right, stand by to enter wing."

Alan Tracy: "Father, Gordon has been winched into the starboard wing of the Fireflash and is checking the place out."

Tin-Tin: "How long is that going to take, Alan?"

Alan Tracy: "That depends on what he finds when he gets in there."

Gordon Tracy: "Where should I start, then?"

Scott Tracy: "The EPU should be situated somewhere near the parameter cylinders."

Gordon Tracy: "Yeah, I think I can see them. I'm gonna try and get a little closer."

Scott Tracy: "What's the height now?"

Captain Hanson: "40,000 feet. We've got less than four minutes."

Captain Hanson: "Three minutes."

Gordon Tracy: "Hey, how did that happen? These wires have been interfered with. The leads into the EPU have been cut!"

Captain Hanson: "They've been cut?"

Scott Tracy: "What the blazes was that?"

Captain Hanson: "It sounded like a shot. It couldn't be!"

Saboteur: "All right, International Rescue. I'm ready for you. Come on out."

Gordon Tracy: "Look, I don't know what your game is, but there's some pretty vital pieces of equipment around here that we don't want to smash if we can help it."

Saboteur: "Who are you kidding, this aircraft is finished, and you know it. In just a couple of minutes more it's gonna make a mighty big splash in the ocean and then disappear like all the others."

Captain Hanson: "One-and-a-half minutes."

Scott Tracy: "What the heck is going on in the wing?"

Gordon Tracy: "I shouldn't jump if I were you. Your parachute would never open in time."

Saboteur: "Oh, yeah?"

Scott Tracy: "Gordon! What's going on? Answer, please! Come in, Gordon!"

Gordon Tracy: "Look, Scott, there's no time to explain. We've had an uninvited guest lousing up the works in here. But I guess he won't give any more trouble."

Scott Tracy: "Gordon, we've got 30 seconds left before we hit the water. It's too late to bail out. Can you fix the EPU?"

Gordon Tracy: "No, Scott. I couldn't re-make the join in time. It would take too long!"

Captain Hanson: "Ten seconds, Tracy."

TV Newsreader: "Thanks to International Rescue, the Fireflash run to from London to San Francisco is to be resumed next week. Police authorities in London have completed their investigation into the sabotaging of the aircraft and state that the efforts of International Rescue have led to the unmasking of the international gang Benton Aircraft espionage. Particular stress was laid on the..."

Scott Tracy: "For Pete's sake."

Virgil Tracy: "Just at the most interesting part!"

Grandma Tracy: "Oh, dear. I am sorry. Tin-Tin and I were putting the pies in the oven, and the darn fuse blew."

Virgil Tracy: "Oh, I'm sure Gordon will soon fix that, Grandma."

Scott Tracy: "Yeah, you remember what you said after the Fireflash episode, Gordon? "Just like fixing a fuse", you said."

Gordon Tracy: "Here I go again!"