The Pacific Atlantic Monorail is a vehicle from Brink of Disaster. Owned by Warren Grafton, he takes Jeff Tracy, Brains and Tin-Tin Kyrano for a ride on the monotrain to try to talk them into investing into the Pacific Atlantic Monorail Corporation.

Disaster at the BridgeEdit

A patrol helijet Piloted by Joe, ran into bad weather and was hit by lighting. After Joe had bailed out the stricken Helijet it smashed into the Monorail track that crossed a valley. Stan, in Patrol 538, was close enough to come to his rescue, as Joe's parachute had become entangled in the bridge structure.

The bridge was so badly damaged it was close to collapse, and the monotrain carrying Jeff, Tin-Tin and Brains was speeding towards it, unable to stop.

To the Brink of DisasterEdit


  • The system was criticised for a near-total lack of safety measures, but in the end, one of few safety measures it did have proved its undoing, when the Helijet Patrol crashed into the monorail bridge.