The Pacific Atlantic Monorail Corporation was a business venture featured in Brink of Disaster. Spearheaded by Warren Grafton, the Corporation was riddled with investors and business partners who all came from crooked backgrounds. Following the monorail incident, the company went bankrupt.

Investors and Business PartnersEdit

Grafton holds a meeting with his Partners and Investors. Hugo who operates in Monte-Carlo and will make 4 million bucks at the casino, a 2nd Investor from South America who claims "he will make 7 million and the authority's won't get near him". Doolan who has the race tracks in his pocket will make 10 million. Harry Malloy and Selsden's job is to steal Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward's jewel collection.

The MonorailEdit

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Atlantic-Pacific MonotrainEdit

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