Paradise Peaks Hotel

The Paradise Peaks Hotel is a location that figured largely in The Cham-Cham.

Perched high up in he Swiss alps, access is by cable car and according to Tin-Tin, it is commonly described as "the highest hotel in Europe".


The hotel at night

Hotel InteriorEdit

Hotel StaffEdit

Hotel GuestsEdit


The Cass Carnaby Five performs live in the ballroom of the Paradise Peaks Hotel to numerous guests.

Pardise Peaks Hotel Ball Room

Other Appearances (Isn't That...?)Edit

Watching the show were the following people:

Bar AreaEdit

First Table, Back of BallroomEdit

Lady Penelope's TableEdit

Table at the Back of the Ballroom, Far SideEdit

  • Man in black suit, grey hair is Hugo.
  • Lady in pink top, with brown wrap is Blanche Carter.

Table behind Blanche CarterEdit

Table Far Side, Middle Row, Under Red Wall Light Edit

  • Man in suit
  • Lady in purple top, face hidden

Table in Middle of BallroomEdit

  • Nobody is sitting at this table. Notice there's no tablecloth on it either.

Table Nearest to CameraEdit

  • Man with back to camera, face partly hidden
  • Lady in blue dress with back to camera

Table Against Far Wall Under White Wall LightsEdit

Table Front Row, Under Red Wall LightEdit

Front Row TableEdit

  • Man with back to camera

Ballroom (2nd Night)Edit

The second night at the Paradise Peaks hotel, Wander Lamour sings Dangerous Game backed by The Cass Carnaby Five.


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