In The Perils of Penelope, Sir Jeremy Hodge's partner goes missing from a monotrain during a journey to Anderbad, so he calls in Lady Penelope to help find him.

A Meting in ParisEdit

Having taken Lady Penelope to Paris in FAB 1 for a meeting with Sir Jeremy Hodge, Parker notices a man (Doctor Godber) sitting at a adjacent table in the Parisian café. While distracting the waiter, the man adds poison to Penelope's pernod. Taking carful aim with the Rolls Royce's machine gun, he shoots the glass out of Penelope's hand before she can take a sip.

A Night's Stay in ParisEdit

After her meeting with Sir Jeremy Hodge, Lady Penelope and Parker stay overnight in a Paris hotel, before catching the morning monotrain to Anderebad.

Parker to the Rescue AgainEdit

Lady Penelope and Jeremy are trapped in a basement of the Heraldic Archive, that is filling with gas. Parker fires FAB 1's rear mounted harpoons into the locked door and pulls it off its hinges, enabling them to escape.

Paris to AnderbadEdit

Lady Penelope and Jeremy take the monotrain to Anderbad, while Parker takes the Rolls Royce across the mountain pass to meet up with them in Anderbad.

Back to ParisEdit

After another successful mission, Parker had to drive back to Paris to take Tin-Tin to the Atalante Restaurant, Paris, so she could dine with Lady Penelope, Jeremy and Alan.

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