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This is a list of missions and appearances that Parker is in.

Ring of Fire Part 1Edit

Parker and Lady Penelope track down the components of the Hood's earthquake machines to a disused factory. They find a button and a note, which asks them to push it. The Tracy brothers argue about the button, and when they decide to press it, Parker does so and replies with, "My thoughts, h'exactly."

Ring of Fire Part 2Edit

Space RaceEdit

Parker's "misspent youth" is put to good use when he breaks into the London Archive Unit looking for the deactivation code for a stealth mine. He succeeds in finding it undetected, but is caught on the way back after letting his guard down for the slightest of moments.



Tunnels of TimeEdit

Falling SkiesEdit

Heist SocietyEdit

The HexpertEdit

Designated DriverEdit

Chain of CommandEdit



City Under The SeaEdit

Up from the Depths Part 1Edit

Deep in the Mariana Trench a survey team encounter the TV-21, a prototype Thunderbird vehicle that was flown by Jeff Tracy, when a systems failure causes the ship to be stranded on the seabed. International Rescue arrives to rescue the crew but the Mechanic suddenly takes control of the surveyor and uses it to crush Thunderbird 4. Gordon gets out just as his ship is destroyed and now must use the TV-21 to rescue the crew. Meanwhile, Lady Penelope and Parker are investigating into how the Hood is communicating with the Mechanic.

Up from the Depths Part 2Edit

After the Mechanic's ship flees the scene with the TV-21 Scott chases after it but Thunderbird 1 is unable to grab the enemy ship and suffers damage. The Mechanic then steals a GDF vault containing iridium, with Ned Tedford inside, and sends his ship into space. With two Thunderbirds out of commission Thunderbird 3, with help from MAX, is modified with weapons so that Alan can fight the ship while Scott tries to recover the vault and the TV-21. Meanwhile, Kayo, Lady Penelope and Parker head for Scotland to search for the Mechanic.

Lost KingdomEdit

Weather or NotEdit

When Langstrom Fischler shows off some new weather drones for a group of investors on a control tower, they start malfunctioning and begin to zap anyone and anything in their path. International Rescue arrive and with the help of Brains, Penelope, Parker and Kayo they find a way to make the drones self-destruct before disaster endures - with Fischler failing to impress his investors.

Escape ProofEdit

A tunnelling vehicle belonging to the Mechanic leaves a plumber trapped in its wake and it is up to Virgil and Gordon to get him out. Lady Penelope and Parker track down the Mechanic's vehicle and discover that he's heading straight for Parkmoor Scrubs prison, where the Hood is being held.

Bolt From the BlueEdit

Clean SweepEdit

The Man From TB5Edit

Home on the RangeEdit

Rigged for DisasterEdit

Brains vs. BrawnEdit

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