In a French Casino, Lady Penelope spots a friend, the Duchess of Royston, playing roulette at another table.

The Tables Are FixedEdit

Lady Penelope realizes that the table is fixed and causes a scene. Parker goes to the casino's office and gets shot at by the crooked owner, who then escapes with the Duchess's money. Parker takes chase in FAB 1 but the crooks manage to reach their hideout to complete their getaway.

A Visit From the DuchessEdit

Parker is on hand to deliver tea and cucumber sandwiches, during the meeting between The Duchess of Royston and Wilbur Dandridge

Worrying TimesEdit

Tracking the Duchess from Creighton-Ward Manor, its not long before Lady Penelope realize something is wrong and contact Jeff Tracy.

A Visit To The HospitalEdit

Parker takes Lady Penelope to the hospital to visit the Duchess of Royston after she has been rescued.

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