Jeff Tracy contacts Lady Penelope to help him find the "Impostors".

Off to AmericaEdit

She sets off to America (accompanied by Parker), on board the Fireflash, taking with her a mountain of luggage stowed inside FAB 1.

A Visit to Agent 47'sEdit

FAB1 is soon bogged down in the mud, so they proceed on foot to Jeremiah's House. The crooks are hiding out in an old mine, according to the agent, so they set off on foot again, for the mine.

The Old MineEdit

Lady Penelope and Parker arrive at the old mine (the impostor's hideout), but they are spotted by the villains, who open fire on them. Fortunately Jeremiah and his mother have followed Lady Penelope and Parker into the woods and flush the two villains out of the mine with Ma Tuttle's Explosive Beans. International Rescue are exonerated.

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