Parola Sands is a South Californian speedway, seen in Move - And You're Dead.


Parola Sands has many facilities at the raceway, including a multi-level stacking car park that leads directly to a cocktail lounge. The finishing post has two spectator stands and the course has many dangerous corners and bends including the notorious cliff side track. The whole course can be viewed by the commentator and camera crew high up in the Parola Sands viewing tower. The raceway is also supported by fire and ambulance vehicles.

Emergency ServicesEdit

Viewing TowerEdit

The CourseEdit

Drivers and their CarsEdit

Alan Tracy (Number 2) drives the BR2 Lightning 505, Victor Gomez (Number 7) drives a black car, and a man called Webster drives a yellow car. Also seen in the race are a red car, a green car, and a blue car.

The RaceEdit

Alan Tracy raced against Victor Gomez there, driving the BR2 Lightning 505. In the end, he won by a narrow margin.

The WinnerEdit

The Tracy Family watching from home, as Alan lifts the trophy live on TV.


  • Parola Sands was named after the Dodge Polara motor car (anagram).

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