Vault of DeathEdit

Lady Penelope and Parker are invited to break into the vault of the Bank of England to illustrate that improved security is required.

After knocking out the guard, Parker sets about opening the safe door and makes the job look easy to the dismay of the Bank Manager watching in the wings.

Back to the Bank of EnglandEdit

Lord Silton is invited to Creighton-Ward Manor for dinner. While there, he receives an emergency message to return to the Bank. Lady Penelope offers to take him in FAB 1. Parker, thinking it's his old friend (Light-Fingered Fred) breaking-in, does everything in his power to make the journey as slow as possible.

Lady Penelope realizes that Parker is deliberately driving slow, so decides to drive herself to London. The journey is a frightening time for Parker and Lord Silton as she nearly takes FAB 1 over a cliff edge and runs another car off the road.

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