Brains has developed a Personal Transmitter, that when swallowed can be used in emergency when anyone's captured and can't contact base. A new smaller version has been designed, which is flavoured to help with swallowing.

Tracy Villa is equipped with a hidden monitor screen (behind the portrait of Alan), that tracks the transmitter once it has been swallowed. Brains has also invented a Transmitter Dissolver, that can be taken like a medicine, to remove the device once it is no longer needed.

A Case of the Missing TransmitterEdit

In-between missions the boys were relaxing in the lounge when Grandma Tracy enters the room and announces, she's lost her personal edible transmitter! The one with the nice raspberry flavor that she likes!

She tells Jeff "I remember seeing it on the kitchen shelf when I was fixing the apple pie for lunch, but now, oh dear, it's gone!" So someone must have eaten it.

Alan had a light lunch so it wasn't him. Jeff sent the boys out of the room one at a time while he watched the monitor, but the marker stayed in the room, it was him! Tin-Tin arrived with the dissolver for Jeff to drink. Alan couldn't resist a quiet laugh behind his book.

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