The KLA Satellite

Pirate Satellite TV Station KLA is a satellite orbiting Earth that featured in the episode Ricochet.

Rick O'Shea and Loman found a secret place to launch KLA without being detected and used stolen military stealth technology and a rocket to do so. The rocket brought KLA into Space. (Thunderbirds Redan Comic Issue 22)


Because it wasn't registered with International Space Control, they didn't know it was in space. Therefore, when the Telsat 4 malfunctioned and the controllers requested permission to detonate it, International Space Control gave them the green light to do so, but they didn't know it was in the detonation area, so KLA was knocked out of orbit.

Unfortunately, when Thunderbird 2 tried to carry it to safety on its starboard wing, KLA fell off and hit the ground, resulting in a massive explosion due to the fuel tanks on-board the satellite.

Technical DataEdit

  • Length: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Width: Unknown
  • Orbital altitude: 128 miles


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