Equipment & Vehicles
Pirate Satellite TV Station KLA
Type: Orbital space station
Main Operator: KLA Television (Pirate)
Crew: Rick O'Shea (DJ)
Loman (engineer)
Appearances: Ricochet

Pirate Satellite TV Station KLA is a satellite orbiting Earth that featured in the episode Ricochet.

Rick O'Shea and Loman found a secret place to launch KLA without being detected and used stolen military stealth technology and a rocket to do so. The rocket brought KLA into Space. (Thunderbirds Redan Comic Issue 22)


Inside the SatelliteEdit

The main studio contains all the equipment needed to broadcast a live show.

Other FeaturesEdit

Knocked Out of OrbitEdit

Because it wasn't registered with International Space Control, they didn't know it was in space. Therefore, when the Telsat 4 malfunctioned and the controllers requested permission to detonate it, International Space Control gave them the green light to do so, but they didn't know it was in the detonation area, so KLA was knocked out of orbit.

Heading Back to EarthEdit

In a spacesuit, Loman goes outside to assess the damage but becomes trapped in the airlock when the inner door will not open on his return. Alan rescues Loman as the satellite slowly returns to earth. ISC targets KLA as crash-landing on the oil refinery at A'Ben Duh, so Virgil heads for the refinery, planning to shoot down the satellite. But then Brains picks up O'Shea's broadcast, indicating that he must still be aboard the satellite. Virgil angles Thunderbird 2 to catch the satellite on its wing, carrying it away from the refinery, but KLA eventually falls clear of Thunderbird 2 and crashes into the desert.

Cross-section (Cut-away Drawing)Edit

Cut-away drawing from Thunderbirds comic issue No.22. issued 4th April 2002.

Main article: History of the Cutaway Drawings (Classic Thunderbirds)
TV Station cut-away

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