"Two brave men have been badly injured in that pit. I don't know if I should risk another life."
— General Peters

"Pit of Peril" is the second episode of Thunderbirds season 1. It first aired on 7th October 1965.

An accident causes an enormous, and unwieldy, US Army prototype vehicle to topple into a burning landfill, helpless to extricate itself. Only International Rescue is capable of transporting the equipment required to rescue the crew trapped inside, before they die of heat exposure.


During the field-testing of a revolutionary new Army transport vehicle, the Sidewinder, it literally runs into trouble - abruptly disappearing beneath the ground, along with its crew. International Rescue is called; and with men's lives at stake, a highly ingenious - and dangerous - operation, devised on-site by Brains, must be executed perfectly...


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Regular CharactersEdit

Guest CharactersEdit


Colonel Sweeney

Cameo RolesEdit

  • No cameo roles in this episode

International Rescue Equipment UsedEdit


The recovery vehicles

Non-International Rescue Equipment UsedEdit


The Sidewinder



  • Pit of Peril follows the series' pilot episode - Trapped in the Sky - in the order of both production and TV broadcast.
  • While City Of Fire was the next episode to be produced, The Perils Of Penelope was the next to be actually broadcast. From that point on, the actual order of broadcast departed from the production order until episode 25, The Cham-Cham.
  • Pit of Peril is the only episode where none of the series' female characters appear - and the only one in the series not to feature Christine Finn.
  • The mighty Mole makes its first appearance in this episode. It's also seen in action in the episodes City Of Fire and The Duchess Assignment, as well as in cameos in Cry Wolf and Vault Of Death (where, although needed, it cannot in fact be used!).
  • The Mole will also appear in Thunderbirds' closing credits; the only recurring TB2 Pod vehicle to do so.
  • The Recovery Vehicles make their only appearance, in this episode.
  • In the Australian 30-minute 'cliffhanger' version, part 1 ends with a shot of Thunderbird 1 switching to horizontal flight.


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Alternate VersionsEdit

Thunderbirds (FOX Kids Series)Edit

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Foreign TitlesEdit

  • German: Im Krater gefangen (DVD)
  • French: L'éboulement (VHS, DVD)
  • Italian: Sidewinder S.O.S.
  • Spanish: El Abismo del Peligro; El agujero peligroso (DVD)
  • Dutch: Kuil vol gevaar (TV 1966); Instortingsgevaar (TV 1991); Valkuil van gevaar (VHS, DVD)
  • Japanese: ジェット“モグラ号”の活躍


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