This is a list of all the Goofs seen in Pit of Peril, including: Continuity errors, factual errors, plot errors, visible errors, audio errors and on-screen errors.

  • Once Frank has started talking for the first time in the episode, he has taken his hat off, Once the Sidewinder has started moving again his hat has reappeared back on his head. The moment it tips on its side his hat is off once again.
  • Although the Sidewinder fell on its back, the crew is always seen standing the right way up in the control room.
  • When the atomic reactor goes down twenty points in the Sidewinder, Frank has only one eye brow.
One eyebrow
  • As the Mole leaves the pod the top of the Mole hits the top of the pod door.
  • When the Mole comes back up to the surface with Scott and Virgil, dust and sand can be seen coming up from the ground. This is due to the fact it is reversed from earlier footage.
  • As the Recovery Vehicles haul the Sidewinder out of the pit, they switch numbers between shots.
  • Thunderbird 1 sets a small dead tree alight with its vertical jet when taking off at the end of the episode.