This page is a transcription of Pit of Peril

[Scene: an army helicopter flying over dense jungle. Some stock footage of jungle scenes follows. Then, a close-up of a big metal foot taking a step. Two mechanical arms uproot a tree. More stock footage. Scene cuts to the cockpit of the helicopter.]

General Peters: "Just look at that thing. It's like a monster from another planet."

Lieutenant Ralph: "Yeah. Nothing can stand in its way."

[Scene cuts back to the jungle. More trees are uprooted. A gigantic walking vehicle gradually comes into view. Title card appears: PIT OF PERIL.]

[Scene cuts to the vehicle's cockpit.]

Colonel Sweeney: "Sidewinder to Copter Watchdog. Jungle test complete. How did she look from up there, General?"

General Peters: "She looked just fine, Sweeney. What a machine. How did she handle?"

Colonel Sweeney: "Like a breeze. Nothing can stop the army now, sir."

General Peters: "Fine. That wraps up the tests. The relief crew is on its way by Helijet."

Colonel Sweeney: "Right, sir."

General Peters: "I want you boys to know I think you've done a swell job."

Colonel Sweeney: "Thanks, sir. The Sidewinder is OK. It'll be good to have a rest."

General Peters: "You head for the rendezvous point nine. The Helijet will take you back to base."

Colonel Sweeney: "Point nine it is, sir. Sidewinder out." [To the other crewmen:] "Well, guess that's it, boys. Trials are over."

General Peters: "Oh, the Sidewinder is just what the army needs for these bush-fire wars that keep springing up."

Lieutenant Ralph: "Yeah, I guess now we'll have the transport to get to the trouble spots before they get too heated."

General Peters: "That's it, Ralph. Any word from the relief crew?"

Lieutenant Ralph: "Yes sir. The Helijet is heading for point nine now."

General Peters: "Great."

Lieutenant Ralph: "OK, Captain, take us back to base."

Helicopter Pilot: "Yes sir."

[The helicopter leaves. The Sidewinder starts to move forward again.]

Colonel Sweeney: "Well, I'll be glad to get back to base."

Frank: "And how. Three weeks in this tin can is not exactly my idea of heaven."

Colonel Sweeney: "It hasn't been too bad. Seeing nothing but steaming jungle every day could drive a guy nuts."

Frank: "But it's all over now. Now we can have a long rest."

Colonel Sweeney: "Sure. Heading for point nine. The relief crew can take this beauty back to camp from there."

[Scene cuts to outside the sidewinder. The earth seems to crack where it puts down its 'feet'. Next, it is seen tilting to one side and sliding down a hole in the ground, followed by an explosion. Scene briefly cuts to the bottom of the pit. The Sidewinder is on its side, surrounded by several small fires. Cuts to the heicopter.]

General Peters: "Copter Watchdog to Sidewinder. Do you read me?"

Lieutenant Ralph: "General Peters, the Sidewinder, it's gone - disappeared."

General Peters: "What? Get back there, Captain, and fast."

[The helicopter arrives at the pit.]

Lieutenant Ralph: "I can't see for the smoke. Wait, there's a hole down there."

General Peters: "Watchdog to Sidewinder. Do you read me? Come in, Sidewinder." [Scene cuts to Sidewinder cockpit. The crew has been knocked unconscious.] "This is Copter Watchdog. Can you hear me? Come in, Sidewinder. No reply.... They must be out cold."

Colonel Sweeney: "I hope it's only that, General."

Helijet Pilot Charlie: "Copter Watchdog from relief Helijet."

General Peters: "Go ahead, Helijet."

Helijet Pilot Charlie: "At rendezvous point nine. No sign of Sidewinder."

General Peters: "There's been some trouble. Head for reference two-seven immediately. We'll need your assistance. Copter Watchdog out."

Lieutenant Ralph: "What are we gonna do?"

General Peters: "I don't know... I'll try and reach Sidewinder again. This is Watchdog. Come in, Sidewinder." [Scene cuts to Sidewinder.] "Acknowledge. Come in, Sidewinder."

[Sweeney slowly regains consciousness.]

Colonel Sweeney: "Frank, Johnny."

Johnny: "Hey, what hit me?"

General Peters: "This is Copter Watchdog, do you read me?"

Colonel Sweeney: "Copter Watchdog, this is Sidewinder."

General Peters: "Sweeney, you're OK!?"

Colonel Sweeney: "Yeah, a few bruises, but we're all still in one piece."

General Peters: "Thank heavens you're safe. Now, how does it look down there?"

Colonel Sweeney: "We've tipped over on our side. That means we can't move."

General Peters: "How far down are you?"

[Sweeney checks the altimeter.]

Colonel Sweeney: "General, we're 300 feet down!"

General Peters: "Three hundred feet? Ralph, what do we do?"

Lieutenant Ralph: "The Sidewinder weighs upwards of 500 tons. We'll need some pretty heavy lifting-gear."

General Peters: "But this is the middle of a wilderness. It would take weeks to get equipment out here."

Helicopter Pilot: "Excuse me, sir... I'll have to move the 'copter clear. The heat is building up. If we hover here, we'll be needing a rescue team ourselves."

General Peters: "OK, Captain. Get her down beside the crater, Captain."

Helicopter Pilot: "Right, sir."

Lieutenant Ralph: "The Helijet should be here soon."

General Peters: "Yeah, let's hope we can work something out."

[The helicopter sets down. The helijet arrives on the scene.]

Helijet Pilot Charlie: "Copter Watchdog from Helijet. What gives, General?"

General Peters: "Shut down your engines and disembark. I'll fill you in on the details. OK, Ralph, let's go."

Lieutenant Ralph: "Turn off the motors, Captain."

Helicopter Pilot: "Yes sir."

[Scene cuts to the Sidewinder.]

Colonel Sweeney: "What I'd like to know is how we got down here."

Frank: "I guess the ground just opened and swallowed us."

Colonel Sweeney: "Yeah, but how do we get out? This whole pit seems to be on fire."

Frank: "We'll be OK for a while. The automatic cooling plant switched itself on."

Colonel Sweeney: "But the atomic reactor was due for refuelling. It won't hold out forever."

General Peters: "Now, here's the situation: the Sidewinder is on its side."

Lieutenant Mead: "Can't we haul it out, sir?"

General Peters: "Nah, talk sense, Lieutenant. The machine weighs 500 tons. No heavy lifting equipment could reach here inside of two weeks, at the minimum."

Lieutenant Mead: "Couldn't we use the 'copter and Helijet?"

Lieutenant Ralph: "We're talking about the Sidewinder, not about some 1,000 pound field car."

Lieutenant Mead: "Begging you pardon, General, but I reckon the first thing is to go down there and take a look."

General Peters: "But that would be suicide. That pit is an inferno."

Lieutenant Mead: "One of the 'copters could lower me down just long enough for me to assess the situation."

General Peters: "I don't know, Mead. It's... it's too dangerous. You could be burned alive."

Lieutenant Mead: "But if we don't do something soon, General, there'll be no "could be" about it for the Sidewinder crew."

General Peters: "Very well, Lieutenant. Make arrangements with the Helijet pilot. And thanks."

Frank: "Atomic reactor operating at normal, Colonel."

Colonel Sweeney: "Well, Frank, let's hope it stays that way."

Lieutenant Mead: "Sidewinder from Helijet. Lieutenant Meade here. I'm going to attempt reconnaissance. What's the temperature outside the machine?"

Colonel Sweeney: "The gauge reads 220 degrees Fahrenheit. Don't try it. You'll fry."

Lieutenant Ralph: "If only we had protective clothing."

General Peters: "His oxygen mask will help him to breathe. But it's not gonna keep him cool."

Helijet Pilot Charlie: "Switching over to Lieutenant Mead's frequency, sir."

General Peters: "Connect up to the tannoy speaker, Captain. I want us all to listen carefully. Mead won't get much time to talk. When he does, we've got to get it right."

[Scene cuts to Mead who has been attached to a cable and is wearing his oxygen mask.]

Lieutenant Mead: "OK, let's go, Charlie."

Helijet Pilot Charlie: "Yes, sir. I'll be waiting for your command."

Lieutenant Mead: "Fine. When I yell, you get me out of there fast."

[The helijet lifts off slowly. Cuts briefly to Peters and Ralph who are watching.]

General Peters: "There goes a brave man, Ralph."

[Mead is lifted up and the helijet moves directly above the pit.]

Lieutenant Mead: "Lower away."

[Mead disappears into the pit. Scene cuts to John Tracy on board Thunderbird 5. He is listening in on Mead and Charlie.]

Lieutenant Mead: "'I'm 50 feet down now. Still no sign of Sidewinder, Charlie. Gee, it looks like a real inferno down there. Those guys are in some danger!"

[John presses a button and the scene cuts to Jeff Tracy's office. John's portrait on the wall is beeping.]

Jeff Tracy: "Go ahead, John."

John Tracy: "I've just picked up some US Army transmissions, father. One of their new Sidewinders seems to have fallen into an underground fire, and one of the officers has gone down to look."

Jeff Tracy: "Let's have a listen to him."

John Tracy: "Switching you through now."

Lieutenant Mead: "'I'm 100 feet down. I can't see a thing. The smoke is too thick."

[Mead is going deeper and deeper into the pit.]

Lieutenant Mead: "The temperature's rising. Let go more line. 220 feet down."

General Peters" (to himself): "Hold on, Lieutenant. You can make it."

Lieutenant Mead: "270 feet. Jeepers! My blood seems to be boiling. The smoke's too thick, I'm gonna... I'm gonna have to go down all the way. I'll only have a second. Be ready, Charlie boy."

Helijet Pilot Charlie: "OK, sir. Here we go."

Lieutenant Mead: "I see it. Get me up, Charlie. Now! Aargh!"

[Mead is winched back up.]

General Peters: "Here he comes."

Lieutenant Ralph: "Get a stretcher, Sergeant - hurry!"

Jeff Tracy: "I think this frequency should be put on priority monitoring. The situation could get pretty desperate."

Scott Tracy: "Why don't I shoot out there, father, and see if they want help? It wouldn't take long."

Jeff Tracy: "No, Scott. We can't go shoving our noses in this uninvited. For all we know the army might be engaged on a top secret operation. John?"

John Tracy: "Yes, father."

Jeff Tracy: "John, I want you to keep this frequency clear. Down here, I'm gonna put Scott on emergency standby."

John Tracy: "FAB, father."

Jeff Tracy: "Scott, get down to Thunderbird 1 and get her ready for launching."

Scott Tracy: "I'm on my way."

Jeff Tracy: "If the Army decides they want our help, we don't want to keep them waiting a minute longer than necessary."

[Scene cuts to the crew of Copter Watchdog. Mead is lying on a stretcher, his face bandaged.]

Lieutenant Mead: "We we could do it, sir."

General Peters: "Take it easy, Lieutenant. You're in a bad way."

Lieutenant Mead: "I'll be OK. Get a line. Haul it upright."

General Peters: "Get him into the shade. Keep the sun off him."

Lieutenant Ralph: "Yes, sir." [to Charlie:] "See to it, Captain." [to General Peters: ] "I'm going down to fix that line on Sidewinder."

Sergeant Reynolds: "Begging your pardon sir, but this is not your kind of job."

Lieutenant Ralph: "There's no time to argue."

Sergeant Reynolds: "No-one's arguing, sir. You're a technical man. It's a question of the man best equipped to succeed."

General Peters: "He's right, Ralph. Anyway, you'll be needed here by the radio to give the necessary instructions to Sidewinder, if we can get it upright."

Frank: "Atomic reactor down 20 points, colonel."

Colonel Sweeney: "Down 20?! That means the cooling plant is under-strength. We'll be warming up in here from now on."

Frank: "Right."

Sergeant Reynolds: "Sidewinder from Sergeant Reynolds. I'm coming down to try and slip a line over one of the machine's legs."

Colonel Sweeney: "The temperature outside is up to 265 degrees."

Sergeant Reynolds: "Yeah, I'll have to work fast. If I make it, we'll able to haul you upright."

Colonel Sweeney: "Great. Then maybe we can climb out of here."

Part Two

[Scene opens to Lieutenant Ralph descending into the pit at the end of a cable. He is holding a second, much bigger cable in his hands.]

Sergeant Reynolds: "OK, Charlie, let's go. 150 feet. Speed it up Charlie. The shorter time I'm down here the better. Hold it... I'm 300 feet down."

General Peters: "Can you reach the Sidewinder?"

Sergeant Reynolds: "I don't know. I-I can't see much. Move it over, Charlie. Straight ahead. Slow and easy, until I yell. I'm ten yards away."

General Peters: "Reynolds, are you OK?"

Sergeant Reynolds: "OK...!"

[Reynolds slips the big cable over one of Sidewinder's legs.]

Sergeant Reynolds: "OK, winch up AARGH!"

General Peters: "Come on, get him up!"

Sergeant Reynolds: "AARGH!"

[Reynolds comes up out of the pit. His clothes are smoking and he is covering his face with his hands.]

Lieutenant Ralph: "He's still alive."

General Peters: "OK, now drop the new line as close to us as you can. Then get Reynolds and Lieutenant Mead to base hospital. - 'And make it fast. We'll take it from here."

Helijet Pilot Charlie: "Yes, sir."

[The cable is dropped off.]

General Peters: "Hitch the cable to the 'copter, Ralph."

Lieutenant Ralph: "Right, General."

Colonel Sweeney: "Thanks to the Lieutenant and Reynolds, we'll soon be out of here, boys."

Helijet Pilot Charlie: "Copter watchdog from Helijet. Heading for base hospital, General."

General Peters: "Right. Use all speed. Those boys need attention." [To Ralph:] "OK, Captain, get moving. We've got to get the Sidewinder off its side."

[Cuts to the helicopter lifting off and tugging at the cable. The cable snaps.]

General Peters: "The line's broken."

Lieutenant Ralph: "But did we make it or not?"

General Peters: "Sidewinder from Copter Watchdog. What is your attitude?"

Colonel Sweeney: "It's no good, General. We're back on our side again. But it was sure a good try."

Lieutenant Ralph: "There's only one thing left to do, General. I'll go down there and try again."

General Peters: "I don't like it, Ralph. Two brave men have been badly injured in that pit. I don't know if I should risk another life."

Lieutenant Ralph: "But we must keep trying, General. There are three men are trapped down there."

General Peters: "If only we weren't so darned far from civilization. We'd stand a remote chance of effecting a rescue, but..."

Lieutenant Ralph: "You said "rescue", General. That's the answer. Yeah, that's the answer!"

[Scene cuts to Thunderbird 5.]

General Peters: "Calling International Rescue. Calling International Rescue. This is General Peters, US Army. Vital defence weapon in immediate danger. Crew of three trapped."

[Cuts to Jeff's office. John's portrait is beeping again.]

Jeff Tracy: "Go ahead, John."

John Tracy: "Father, General Peters has just radioed in. They do want our help."

Jeff Tracy: "All right, John. Tell them we're on our way."

John Tracy: "Yes, father."

Jeff Tracy: "Scott, it's action stations. Thunderbirds are go."

Scott Tracy: "FAB."

[Cuts to Thunderbird 1 taking off.]

Scott Tracy: "Changing to horizontal flight."

Part 3

[Scene opens to Peters and Ralph standing next to their chopper.]

General Peters: "Still no word from that International Rescue outfit."

Lieutenant Ralph: "I'm certain they're doing their best, sir."

General Peters: "Yeah, I guess they are... but I'm worried about those guys down there."

[Cuts to Thunderbird 1.]

Scott Tracy: "International Rescue Space Station, This is Thunderbird 1. Have you had any more information, John?"

John Tracy: "Information to date tells us that this machine fell into a crater some 300 feet in depth. It's a blazing inferno. The machine weighs some 500 tons, and it's on its side, which means it can't move. Origin of crater unknown."

Scott Tracy: "That means we'll need the heavy gear, and since we don't know much about this crater, we oughta have Brains along."

[Cuts to Jeff's office.]

Jeff Tracy: "Go ahead, Scott."

Scott Tracy: "Latest information from space station indicates need for Thunderbird 2 carrying Pod Five. And we'll need Brains along."

Jeff Tracy: "Right, Scott."

Jeff Tracy: "OK, Virgil, Brains. You heard him."

Virgil Tracy: "We're on our way, father. Pod Five it is."

[Virgil and Brains make their way to the cockpit of Thunderbird 2.]

Virgil Tracy: "Selecting Pod Five. OK, Brains, here we go."

[Thunderbird 2 takes off. Cuts to the pit.]

Frank: "How's the cooling plant standing up, Johnny?"

Johnny: "I checked a few minutes ago, and she'll only hold out for a couple more hours."

Colonel Sweeney: "How long will the hull stand up to that heat outside?"

Helicopter Pilot: "General Peters, sir, there's a call coming in for you."

Scott Tracy: "Thunderbird 1 to General Peters. I've studied your position on radar, I'll be with you in four minutes."

General Peters: "It can't be too soon for us, pal. Oh, the heat from that crater is fantastic. You're gonna find it tough going."

[Cuts to the Sidewinder.]

Colonel Sweeney: "The temperature's rising. There's some smoke getting in."

Frank: "The hull has cracked. She'll break up."

Colonel Sweeney: "Start the air purifier, and try to plug those fractures."

Johnny: "I'll increase the cooling plant output, try to cool the walls."

[Cuts to Thunderbird 1 landing next to the pit.]

Scott Tracy: "General Peters from Thunderbird 1, is there any news from the trapped men?"

General Peters: "I'm afraid not. Their radio failed 10 minutes ago."

[Cuts back to the Sidewinder. The cockpit is filled with smoke.]

Colonel Sweeney: "Can you increase the air purifying system?"

Frank: "The exhaust fan's at full power. The cooling plant's at full stretch, too."

Colonel Sweeney: "Let's hope it holds out. How are you doing with that crack, Johnny?"

Johnny: "These soaked rags are helping, but the heat is terrific on the hull."

Colonel Sweeney: "Keep at it, boys. We've got to hold on."

Scott Tracy: "Now, what's the score, General? How long can these fellows hold out?"

General Peters: "They've got full air conditioning and a cooling plant, but it can't last more than another two hours."

Scott Tracy: "Right. Other members of our organisation will be arriving soon with heavy rescue equipment. Meanwhile, I'll set up our remote TV camera so then we'll be able to take a look what's going on down there."

[Cuts to Thunderbird 2.]

Virgil Tracy: "Thunderbird 1 from Thunderbird 2, how does it look?"

Scott Tracy: "I'm about to send the remote camera into the crater. It'll give us an idea what we're up against."

Virgil Tracy: "Right, Scott. See you."

[The Remote controlled camera flies up out of Thunderbird 1 and goes down into the pit.]

General Peters: "Hey, that thing will burn up."

Scott Tracy: "It's OK. The camera is specially constructed to withstand extreme heat."

[Scott watches what the remote camera is filming on a screen.]

Scott Tracy: "Good. It's working fine."

[Thunderbird 2 lands nearby.]

Virgil Tracy: "Thunderbird 1. Virgil here. Landed at rescue zone. What's the next move?"

Scott Tracy: "I'm on my way over. Tell Brains to stand by. This is a tough one."

Virgil Tracy: "Right."

[Cuts to the Sidewinder.]

Johnny: "This is hopeless. As soon as the heat dries the rags out, well, they catch fire."

Colonel Sweeney: "Well, at least it stops some of the smoke."

Frank: "Gee, this heat's getting unbearable."

General Peters: "What's keeping those guys? It's about time we had some action from them."

Lieutenant Ralph: "I guess they're doing their best, General. It's a tough thing we're asking them to do."

[Cuts to Thunderbird 1. Brains, Virgil and Scott are now watch the camera images together.]

Scott Tracy: "Look, Brains, what's that?"

Brains: "Erm, that's it. That confirms it."

Scott Tracy: "Well?"

Brains: "Well, way back in the past, this must have been an open-cast mine. When it was exhausted, a large crater would have been left."

Virgil Tracy: "And it was used as a dump for military equipment after the Second World War. That explains the US Army wreckage."

Scott Tracy: "Well, I still don't get it."

Brains: "I'll show you on this diagram I've drawn. The pit was filled in and over the years a new crust of topsoil has formed. Spontaneous combustion caused a slow smouldering fire, consuming the dumped equipment. The weight of the Sidewinder caused the thin crust of topsoil to collapse at its weakest point. We have to remove the remainder of the crust so that the Sidewinder can be dragged up the side of the pit."

Part 4

[Scene opens to Virgil being lowered into the pit. He's wearing a heat resistant suit.]

Virgil Tracy: "I'm at the bottom, Scott."

Scott Tracy: "Right, Virgil. Can you see the Sidewinder?"

Virgil Tracy: "No, the smoke is too dense. It's like the inside of a blast furnace down here. Starting to lay charges."

Scott Tracy: "OK, General, you can draw in the cable and get clear, Virgil's at the bottom."

General Peters: "But how are you gonna get him out of there?"

Brains: "Well, we have a machine we call the Mole, General. Scott is about to operate it. You'll see it in action."

[Cuts to the Mole exiting Pod Five.]

Scott Tracy: "Thunderbird 2 lab from Mole, proceeding to drilling position."

[Cuts to the Sidewinder. Frank is lying on the floor.]

Frank: "The cooling plant has... has eight minutes reserve - I can't, I can't breathe."

Colonel Sweeney: "Frank, hang on, boy!"

Virgil Tracy: "Mole from Virgil. One more charge to lay, Scott."

Scott Tracy: "Good. Be with you in a few minutes."

[The Mole starts burrowing.]

Scott Tracy: "Thunderbird 2 from Mole. Burrowing at 70 degree angle. Do you read me on tracker screen?"

Brains: "Loud and clear, Scott. Right right, four degrees."

Scott Tracy: "Four degrees. FAB. Turn made. I've come up against an obstruction."

Brains: "It's hard-core granite, Scott. Detour two degrees left, then return to original course."

Scott Tracy: "FAB."

Virgil Tracy: "Mole from Virgil. Final charge laid."

Scott Tracy: "OK, Virgil. Approaching side of crater now."

Brains: "Three degrees left, Scott. Then, you should be through."

Scott Tracy: "Thanks, Brains. It's going much easier now. We'll be breaking into pit in a few seconds."

Brains: "Fine, Scott. Ready to detonate explosives on your instructions."

Scott Tracy: "Ready to emerge into crater. OK, Virgil, come aboard."

Virgil Tracy: "OK, Scott, approaching you now."

[Scott enters the Mole.]

Scott Tracy: "Thunderbird 2 Lab from Mole. Virgil aboard."

Brains: "Right, prepare to withdraw."

Scott Tracy: "OK, Brains. Are you ready, Virgil?"

Virgil Tracy: "Taking up rear cabin position now."

Scott Tracy: "Operating reverse motors. [The Mole reverses out of the pit and back up to the surface. It gets on its trolley and moves away.] OK, Brains, we're clear of the area. Go ahead."

Brains: "Detonating charges now!"

[The charges explode. Cuts to Sidewinder.]

Colonel Sweeney: "What are they trying to do, blow us out of here? Only a few more minutes and the cooling plant packs up."

[Cuts to Copter Watchdog.]

General Peters: "What's holding you guys up now? My men have less than two minutes left."

Brains: "We're doing the best we can, General. Lab to Recovery Vehicle One. Are you in position, Virgil?"

Virgil Tracy: "Ready, Brains. Recovery Vehicle One - power OK. Remote Control Vehicle Two - operation positive. Moving out now."

[The two Recovery Vehicles exit Pod Five and take up position at the edge of the pit.]

Virgil Tracy: "Ready to fire magnetic lines."

Brains: "Remote guidance - seven left, four right right."

[The magnetic lines are fired and hit the Sidewinder, startling the crew.]

Colonel Sweeney: "This is it. We're breaking up."

Virgil Tracy: "Electromagnets in position. Recovery Vehicle engines in transmission."

[The Recovery Vehicles start tugging at the lines.]

Colonel Sweeney: "Hey! We're moving. We're moving!"

Virgil Tracy: "The Remote Control Vehicle's skidding. One of the lines has failed. I'll to wind it in and fire again. Firing again. Let's hope it's not damaged. Line in place. Starting motors again."

[The Sidewinder is hauled up out of the pit. It gets stuck at the last moment.]

Colonel Sweeney: "Hey! We're sliding back!"

[A few more tugs and the Sidewinder is safely back on the surface.]

Colonel Sweeney: "We're safe. It's a miracle. They've got us out of the pit."

[Sweeney passes out. He comes to lying in a bed. Scott is sitting beside him.]

Scott Tracy: "How you doin', fella?"

Colonel Sweeney: "Just great, mister. You must be the guy who hauled us out."

Scott Tracy: "One of them. The others are about to leave."

Colonel Sweeney: "I'll never know how to thank you, buddy. You saved our lives."

Johnny: "The Colonel is right."

Scott Tracy: "Forget it. I'm glad we could help. All you have to do now is get well again. How about the other man? I guess he's out cold."

Colonel Sweeney: "He'll be OK. Mister, I guess he'd have liked to have been awake, so I'll say it for him: Thanks. Thanks for all of us."

[Scene cuts to Thunderbird 2.]

Virgil Tracy: "Scott from Thunderbird 2. I'm about to lift off. See you back at base."

Scott Tracy: "FAB."

[Thunderbird 2 lifts off.]

General Peters: "Sidewinder's saved and no casualties. What can I do to thank you?"

Scott Tracy: "All part of the service. But if you want to help, just make sure that no-one tracks our aircraft. It's vital our operation remains a closely guarded secret."

General Peters: "That, Scott, is the least we can do."

Scott Tracy: "Thanks."

General Peters: "Thank YOU."

[Scott walks away.]

General Peters: "Boy! What I'd give to have those guys in my force."


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