Plugg Shutt

Ernest Shutt (born February 14th, 1947) worked as a puppet operator on Thunderbirds season 1. On the first feature film Thunderbirds Are Go, he and Tony Dunsterville made the properties. Additionally Shutt was credited as "puppet workshop" on Thunderbird 6.

Outside of his work on Thunderbirds and the two feature films, Shutt has worked on Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, Joe 90, and The Secret Service.

Some time later, he moved to the Bahamas, where he currently works for Bradford Marine as a carpentry foreman.

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  • His nickname is Plugg. According to Stephen La Rivière, Shutt used to "plug" like a boxer when Shutt was a tot, and as a result the latter earned said nickname.
  • His nickname was given to him at his secondary school (St Michael's in London) by his friends, as he looked similar to Plugg a character in the Beano Comic (Bash Street Kids).
  • Fellow puppeteer Judith Shutt was his sister.

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