30min 719

The Plutonium Store was a building located in a remote location somewhere in Britain.

The store had at least four security robots stationed there to prevent people trespassing.

Inside the Plutonium StoreEdit

In order to enter the storeroom, one has to pass through four consecutive doors. Each door is guarded by a security robot.


In 30 Minutes After Noon, the store was infiltrated by Kenyon, Dempsey, and Southern, the later being an undercover agent to reveal the Erdman Gang's next plan.

The plan goes as scheduled, but on arrival in the storeroom Southern pulls a gun on the other two men. Unfortunately for Southern, he is attacked by a guard robot which has not been disabled and, held in its steel arms, he is helpless as Dempsey and Kenyon escape, trapping him in the storeroom with their bracelets. Southern uses his radio pen to contact his boss, Sir William Frazer, who calls International Rescue.

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