34 tb 4 pod

Pod 4 is one of Thunderbird 2's six transporter pods, held in the Pod Bay on Tracy Island.

Use and AdaptionsEdit

Pod 4 is specially designed to carry Thunderbird 4, and is modified accordingly.

Pod 4 is able to float on the sea (or any other body of water, for that matter). It's also fitted with a slide to deploy Thunderbird 4; the door opens downwards, the slide slides out on rollers, and Thunderbird 4 is launched. For the Thunderbird 4 missions in Desperate Intruder and Atlantic Inferno the launching slides in Pod 4 had different designs then the common design.

The Haynes Thunderbirds Manual says that the slide is fitted with an electromagnetic slider, which is to be used in retrieval of Thunderbird 4, sliding it back up the slide into Pod 4.

Like the other five Pods, Pod 4 is left in the danger zone until the mission is over. Pod 4 also carried a Sealing Device linked to Thunderbird 4 for extinguishing natural gas fire jets for the first mission in Atlantic Inferno.



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