In addition to three general purpose pods, a laboratory-equipped pod is available for use on missions. This small laboratory allows Brains to carry out essential experiments during the course of a mission.

Untitled pod 5

composite picture

Storage PlatformEdit

In the Haynes Agents' Technical Manual, it is stated that Pod 5 has a storage platform as follows:

"To maximize the available space inside the pod, some vehicles can be vertically stacked on the pod vehicle storage platform. When the vehicle below has been driven out, the platform is lowered at the door-facing end so that the vehicle above can be deployed. On arrival at the danger zone this vehicle is driven out of the pod first, followed by the vehicle on the top deck. After the mission, the vehicle on the top deck is reversed first and clamped into position".


  • The use of this platform was not seen in any episode or film. Nor noticeable in the composite picture above.

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