The Pod Explorer is an all-terrain Pod vehicle concept that Thunderbird 2 and 3 have their own variation of. The Thunderbird 2 version is designed for safely traveling through vertical tunnels and across all manner of land regardless of how delicate or jagged it is, and it appears in Breakdown, Recharge, and Escape Proof. The Thunderbird 3 version is used for travel in obstacle cluttered space as it has a laser cannon to defend itself with, and it is featured in Colony.

Parts And Abilities (Thunderbird 2) Edit

The earthbound Explorer is notable for possessing a large variety of possible attachments, making it look completely different depending on which episode it appears in.

In Breakdown Edit

The tools the Explorer equips in Breakdown include multiple bright searchlights, an emergency speed jet booster, and a grappling hook on the front and the rear. It travels using three flexible legs that end with caterpillar tracks, with one positioned above the vehicle, providing a smooth ride regardless of how rough the terrain is. These legs can also make the Explorer tip forward and enter a pit, and by pressing the three tracks on the walls of the pit, it can travel up and down it like an elevator. Should the bottom of the pit end with a large drop, the grappling hooks can penetrate surrounding walls and gently lower and lift the Explorer to and from the pit.

In RechargeEdit

The Explorer is used for rescue missions in harsh winter terrain, as seen in Recharge. In such environments, it arms itself with multiple bright searchlights, a front mounted winch, and a flexible robotic arm on the port side. It travels using caterpillar tracks and small skis. It is also equipped with the heat generating I.R. Tent, which is deployed when the weather is too harsh even for the Explorer to travel in.

In Escape Proof Edit

Whenever the Explorer must travel down a pit so wide that it cannot press against the walls, it will be built with standard caterpillar tracks and a long cable on the back that is fixed to Module 2, allowing it to be lowered and lifted as gently or quickly as needed. It was seen built like this in Escape Proof, where it was also given two long pincers, which it needed to remove debris within the tunnel to save a trapped motormouth.