Equipment & Vehicles
Pod Explorer
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Type: Module Vehicle
Affiliation: International Rescue
Top Speed: Unknown
Main Operator: Virgil Tracy
Appearances: Breakdown

The Pod Explorer is a Pod combination and an all-terrain vehicle. It is used for travelling across unsteady land and down deep holes in the ground. It was seen in Breakdown and Recharge, and a space variation was seen in Colony.

Parts And Abilities Edit

The Explorer travels with three caterpillar tracks (one positioned above) attached to the Pod's body via flexible legs. These legs can make the vehicle tip forward and enter a pit, allowing it to travel down it by pressing the three caterpillar tracks on the walls of the pit.

The Explorer is also equipped with multiple forward facing lights for dark environments, and a grappling hook on both the front and the back, which can penetrate deep into delicate rock or ice. The back also sports a jet for emergency speed.

On top of all this, the Explorer contains a set of The Jaws of Life, which is expelled from the underside. However, this may be a feature the Pod alone has that was never seen in any other vehicle form.

The Pod Explorers from Recharge have two caterpillar tracks, skis and a winch on the front, and a robotic arm on the port side.


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