Inside the pod bay. From left to right: the Mole, Fire Tender, the Booster Mortar, a yellow trailer, and Firefly.

The Pod Vehicles are various specialised vehicles transported to the danger zone in one of Thunderbird 2's six pods. Most serve very specific purposes and aren't seen in the show more than once, but some are either appropriate for use in a number of situations or are needed for the more common types of rescue.

Recurring Pod VehiclesEdit

Thunderbird 4Edit

Thunderbird 4 was by far the most used vehicle of them all. It occupies Pod 4 with no other vehicle, but was once transported in Pod 6 (Attack of the Alligators!). It is used for all kinds of underwater rescue.

The MoleEdit

The Mole is a drilling machine either carried in Pod 3 (City Of Fire and The Duchess Assignment) or Pod 5 (Pit of Peril). It is used for tunnelling past obstacles to reach those in need of help.

The FireflyEdit

Firefly is a powerful bulldozer that clears a path through burning rubble. It fires explosive shells to either blast obstacles out of the way or extinguish localized fires by removing the surrounding oxygen. It was carried in Pod 3 (City Of Fire) and Pod 6 (Terror In New York City).

The MonobrakeEdit

The Monobrake is a low-riding caterpillar-tracked car that can cling on to overhead monorail lines with its telescopic arm, and travel across them at great speeds. It was carried in Pod 6 (The Perils Of Penelope) and Pod 1 (Security Hazard).

Non-recurring Pod VehiclesEdit

Pod 1Edit

Fire TruckEdit

The Fire Truck is a truck that uses the same chassis as the transmitter truck, and can extinguish fires with its rear mounted foam and nitroglycerin gun.

Jet-Air TransporterEdit

The Jet-Air Transporter is a small vehicle with two jet turbines that can catch falling people.

Neutralizer TractorEdit

The Neutralizer Tractor is a little tractor capable of generating an electromagnetic pulse.

Pod 2Edit

Electromagnetic Pod GrabsEdit

While not necessarily a "vehicle" as such, the Electromagnetic Pod Grabs are carried in Pod 2 and have proven invaluable in rescue missions like Brink Of Disaster and End Of The Road.

Pod 3Edit


The Domo is a vehicle equipped with three suction pads on the front of it. It was built to move large and heavy objects, but was imaginatively used to hold up a section of wall in danger of collapsing.

Elevator CarEdit

There are (at least) four Elevator Cars (one manned, three remote controlled). Each one is a twelve-wheeled vehicle capable of travelling at speeds up to 180 mph. There is a large, flat platform on top of them that can support great weight, such as the Fireflash.

Mobile CraneEdit

The Mobile Crane is simply a six-wheeled truck fitted with a 'cherry picker' to get people up to high places such as trees.

Booster MortarEdit

The Booster Mortar is a small vehicle fitted with a highly accurate cannon that can fire light equipment and supplies to people in hard-to-reach places.

Pod 5Edit


The Excavator is similar in appearance to the Domo, but is instead equipped with rock-crushing grinders and a long drill. It is used to clear rocky paths and drill through stone.

Laser CutterEdit

The Laser Cutter is similar in appearance to the Booster Mortar, but sports a large laser device capable of cutting through thick metal.

Recovery VehicleEdit

The Recovery Vehicles are (at least) two (one manned, one remote controlled) powerful pulling machines that fire magnetic grapples.

Thunderbird 6Edit

Thunderbird 6 is a commercially produced Tiger Moth Biplane.

Pod 6Edit

Transmitter TruckEdit

The Transmitter Truck is a caterpillar-tracked lorry mounted with a parabolic dish. Its radio transmitting equipment is extremely powerful.

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