Equipment & Vehicles
Image pod bay new
Type: Customisable rescue equipment
Affiliation: International Rescue
Top Speed: Unknown
Main Operator: Tracy Brothers

Pods are small rescue vehicles featured in Thunderbirds are Go!. They are used by International Rescue in many of their missions.

There are at least four in total; at least two carried by Thunderbird 2 (within Module 2) (possibly also in other modules) one for Thunderbird 3's cargo bay, and finally one inside Thunderbird 5. While on-board Thunderbirds 2 and 3, robotic arms customize their appearance and abilities by taking off and attaching on various tools and wheels (or other means of mobility) so that they can "become" different rescue vehicles for different uses. Some of these combinations have their own names, while others are unnamed.

Without attachments, Pods are a rough cylindrical shape and, save for Thunderbird 5's grey one, yellow in colour. They can be entered from above by opening the glass roof. Their interior is very small and contains just two seats; one in the front for the driver, and one passenger seat in the back that is big enough to be inconveniently shared by another. They have on-board computers capable of taking control of a Thunderbird craft remotely, but only after permission has been granted. Driving the Pods is a role shared by all of the Tracy brothers, mainly Alan and Gordon.

Specifications Edit

Height: 3 feet

Length: 10 feet

Width: 3.2 feet

Combinations (Thunderbird 2)Edit

Two Pods are contained inside Module 2, and can be built to be two separate vehicles, or two copies of the same. Many of the vehicle combinations have both a land based and air based version of themselves.

The MoleEdit

The Mole is a tunnelling machine that uses a large drill on the front, tracks at the sides, and even a jet at the back to thrust into the hardest of rock and reach those in need of help underground.

The BulldozerEdit

The Bulldozer is a heavy-duty debris-clearance vehicle armed with a large shield on the front.

The Elevator CarsEdit

The Elevator Cars are equipped with large, shock absorbing platforms on their roofs. They are used to provide planes with safe landings. They were nearly crushed when they acted as landing gear for the Fireflash as the aircraft was to heavy for them.

The ExplorerEdit

The Explorer is built for safely travelling across incredibly unstable land and for going down large holes in the ground. It has three legs, one on top and two bellow, that end with caterpillar tracks. It also has two grappling guns, one at the front and one at the back, that can be fired at the walls of an area allowing for steady descents down pits.

The HelipodEdit

The Helipod is equipped with four enclosed rotors on its sides for swift yet steady flight, an electromagnetic cable on the side, and a flexible robotic arm at the front end. It is used for heavy lifting and for fixing airborne machinery, or anything else that is too high up to reach through other means.

The Foam Stabilization PodEdit

The Foam Stabilization Pod has the ability to shoot a powerful adhesive onto structures which are about to collapse or are broken. It uses two foam mounted guns on its side to shoot the substance and contains it with four silos at the rear. It has been built with both rotors and caterpillar tracks, for use in the air and on land.

Combinations (Thunderbird 3)Edit

Thunderbird 3's cargo bay carries one Pod, which is built with a circular docking mechanism on top of it.

The Rescue PodEdit

The Rescue Pod sports multiple jets on it's body allowing for great dodging capabilities. It is built to safely evacuate people from a spaceship and return them to Thunderbird 3.

Combinations (Thunderbird 5)Edit

The unique grey Pod contained below Thunderbird 5's communication solar panels. It appears only in the episode Legacy, where it is not seen being modified. This means it is unknown whether it can be modified at all, or if it is stuck with two robotic operating arms and two jet boosters for travel. Another difference between it and the other Pods is the vertical position it is designed to be used in, meaning John does not sit down while inside the cramped interior.

Unnamed CombinationsEdit

Recharge PodEdit

Appearing in Recharge, this vehicle is designed for travel across ice and snow. It travels on caterpillar tracks and small skis, and is equipped with a winch and bright lights on the front, and a flexible robotic arm on the port side.

  • Virgil refers to it, thanks to reused voice recordings, as the "Pod Explorer" before driving his out with Scott's, despite the fact that it is very different to The Explorer in terms of both design and function.

Falling Skies PodEdit

A combination appearing in Falling Skies. Powered by two underside jets, the vehicle uses a robotic arm on the front to repair damage to spaceships and space stations.

  • With its similarities to the Helipod, It is wildly considered to simply be a second version of it, designed for use in space instead of within Earth.

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