Portrait of a Gazelle, by Braquasso, was a painting owned by the Duchess of Royston.

In The Duchess Assignment, Wilbur Dandridge offers her £600,000 for the painting, but she refuses to sell and instead agrees to a rental arrangement.

The Painting Goes to AmericaEdit

The Duchess insists she takes the painting to America herself, arriving at New York Central Airport she is kidnapped by Chandler and Brophy. They leave her tied up in a basement of an old house and make off with the painting.

Dandridge Smells a RatEdit

Chandler visits Wilbur Dandridge with the painting calming to represent the Duchess of Royston and demanding the rental money, but Dandridge smells a rat and alerts the police. He pulls a gun on Chandler, but it gores off darning a struggle and the painting is ruined.


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