"Power Play" is the 15th episode of Thunderbirds Are Go! season 2. It was broadcast on October 7, 2017, as well as part of VUE Cinema's Thunderbirds Day in 2017.


International Rescue must save a hydro-dam after the Mechanic sabotages it. Scott crawls inside to rescue the crew while Virgil and Gordon attempt to seal a growing crack in the dam.


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  • This is the first time another International Rescue craft (Thunderbird Shadow) has carried one of Thunderbird 2's modules (no. 5).
  • This is the second time the Gecko Pod has been used, which was first seen in Weather or Not.
  • This is the first time Alan both pilots and co-pilots Thunderbird 2 in this episode.
  • This makes the first reference to Project Sentinel, an old project of the Hood's that was abandoned as being too extreme even for him but has now been taken over by the Mechanic.
  • This is the first time the GDF acted with International Rescue on Earth without Colonel Casey.
  • Captain Foster is a reference to Captain Foster in the film Thunderbird 6.

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  • In the opening shot, a gap where there is no mountain can be seen on the left.
  • When the Scorpion Mecha is in the same tube as Scott, and it exits the tube, it goes out a different way that Scott got in.