Professor Borender is a character from The Perils Of Penelope. He is a scientist who helped develop a revolutionary new rocket fuel made from sea water.



Doctor Godber used the Anderbad Tunnel Control (with the aid of his accomplice Roache) to stop the monotrain and kidnap Lady Penelope and Sir Jeremy Hodge.

He had also previously kidnapped Professor Borender the same way, a few days earlier. His aim was to force Sir Jeremy and Borender to reveal the secret process behind their new rocket fuel.

Virgil and Gordon arrive at Anderbad in Thunderbird 2, meeting up with Parker in FAB 1. Realizing that Lady Penelope has gone missing, Virgil and Gordon Tracy set off into the tunnel on the Monobrake. As the Anderbad Express approaches, the brothers discover Godber's hideout. A gunfight ensues, but the control panel in the sub-station is destroyed and the train cannot be stopped! Virgil shoots the rope which holds Penelope in place and she falls out of the path of the train just as it comes hurtling through the tunnel.


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