"We will supply the whole valley, and then, who knows, perhaps the whole world!"

Professor Lundgren (sometimes spelt as Lungren) is a character from Lord Parker's 'Oliday. He is a scientist who has developed a new type of solar power generator.


Professor Lundgren.


Lundgren with his assistant Mitchell


Professor Lungren has developed a solar generator which will, as its first test, power the sleepy Mediterranean town of Monte Bianco from a vantage point on a mountain overlooking the town.

The Countdown BeginsEdit

The countdown begins, all the test are complete and the Professor is ready to switch the machine on when it gets dark.

A Violent StormEdit

As a violent storm hits the surrounding area, the solar reflector is repeatedly struck by lighting. Lundgren climbs onto the roof to inspect the damage, as he gets to the top, it buckles and crash down the mountainside.


Professor Lundgren falls to the floor, hurt in the destruction of the reflector, Mitchell goes to his rescue and gets him safely back to the control room.

A Visit From an Old FriendEdit

Lady Penelope drives to the Sola Station, were the Professor confirms her fears, the sun will raise at 6.30am, so they have under an hour to hatch a plan.



Prof. Borender