Professor Moffat is a particle physicist at the Quantum Research Center (Or the Q.R.C. which is pronounced "quark") in Switzerland, who leads the team behind the Supreme Hadron Collider. She was also Brains' lab partner at the University of Cambridge.


Being a very intelligent, die-hard lover of science, Moffat is very similar to Brains, albeit more feminine. She is polite, sweet, and openly excited around technological marvels, and was very keen to show Brains and Alan around the Quantum Research Centre during their visit.

Moffat and Brains have an obvious secret crush on each other. They were both slightly awkward around one another, but Moffat eventually made the first move, where she kissed Brains on the cheek at the end of Heavy Metal.


Heavy MetalEdit

Professor Moffat invited Brains and Alan to the Q.R.C. after the scientists there started having issues with the Supreme Hadron Collider that they couldn't fix. She allows Alan to activate the collider, but afterwards, it generates a gravity well. She and Brains come up with ideas how to shut it off, but to no avail, so Gordon ends up destroying it, much to Professor Moffat's dismay. However, Brains, claiming he now knows what the collider's problems were, promises to work with Professor Moffat to build a new one, leading her to smooch him.

Heist SocietyEdit

As Professor Moffat travels through an undersea train tunnel with Lady Penelope and Parker by her side, The Hood disguised himself as her to steal her newly discovered Centurium 21. When the real Professor Moffat woke up, the fake Professor Moffat was easily recognized as the Hood. After he is stopped, she is seen later on Tracy Island with Brains, walking together into Brains' lab.


  • Brains likes to call her "Moffy". Sometimes the Tracy brothers (especially Gordon) make fun of Brains using this nickname. (Example: You remember Brains' girlfriend Moffy from our energy collider adventure? by Gordon Tracy, excerpt from Heist Society