Equipment & Vehicles
Type: Aircraft
Affiliation: United States Air Force
Main Operator: Matthews Field Air Base
Crew: 3 (pilot, co-pilot, and navigator)
Appearances: The Cham-Cham

The RTL-2 is an aircraft that featured in The Cham-Cham.


Originally the RTL-2 was designed to transport military rockets (which were produced by the Maxwell Rocket Corporation). Since then the aircraft have been adapted for use as a strategic bomber (designated the B-17) and as a passenger airliner.

In The Cham-Cham, the first RTL-2 aircraft was tasked with carrying an unknown cargo to an undisclosed location. The plane was shot down by enemy fighter aircraft before it could deliver its cargo. The same series of disastrous events played out with the second RTL-2.

The third aircraft had been tasked with delivering two large missiles to Europe, and the security was a lot tighter than it had been with the previous two. One new precaution was that the crew were not to call Control except in the event of an emergency. Despite this, the third RTL-2 still shot down by the same unidentified fighters.

However, due to the help of International Rescue, the fourth RTL-2 managed to reach its destination.

Technical DataEdit

Crew: normally 3
Engines: 6 general electric gas turbine after-burning jet engines
Length: 330 feet
Maximum speed: 920 mph
Range: 8,400 miles
Wingspan: 235 feet

Aircraft ProfileEdit


The aircraft has two main cabins - the cockpit and a navigation room.

Cargo HoldEdit

The RTL-2 has a massive cargo holding bay, large enough to carry such things as the Poseidon Missile.


The RTL-2s are stationed at Matthews Field Air Base, and are stored in massive hangars.

Shot DownEdit

An RTL-2 is attacked and shot down by three enemy fighter planes while on a secret missile delivery mission.

4th Mission Edit

Wanda Lamour (Lady Penelope) changes the vocals to the hit tune Dangerous Game which then gave the fighters the wrong information, thus allowing the fourth RTL-2 to arrive safely.

Tail MarkingsEdit



  • According to the flight map, the RTL-2 must have been shot down somewhere near the Canadian border with Alaska, possibly over the Beaufort Sea.



View-master reels cover image (Dutch)

Known merchandise containing the RTL-2 can be found on the Sawyer's View-master reels that were released for sale in 1966.

Somportex Gum CardsEdit

Somportex gum cards, issued in 1966, included 3 cards with shots of the RTL-2 on them.


Solo magazine
  • Redan comic No.18, issued 15th January 2002, included a cut-away drawing.
  • Solo magazine No.26 issued 12th August 1967, had a picture of the RTL-2 on its cover.

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