The Ray Mecha is a type of robotic drone built and utilised by the Mechanic. They are designed for underwater operations and are typically deployed from the Mechanic's larger machines to provide support.


City Under the SeaEdit

The robots were first deployed from the Mechanic's submarine to attack Kayo and Gordon who were trying to rescue a family trapped under rubble. However, Kayo, piloting Thunderbird 4, drew them away from Gordon and made short work of them.

Up from the Depths Part 1Edit

The Ray Mecha appeared again during the Mechanic's attempt to steal the TV-21. They were deployed from the Deep Ocean Surveyor to attack Thunderbird 4. Though they succeeded in partially crippling the submarine, Gordon destroyed them all.

Power PlayEdit

After realising International Rescue are on the scene, the Mechanic deploys a Ray Mecha to slow down Thunderbird 4 and Gordon's attempt to seal a growing crack in the dam wall.


The Ray Mecha, as their name implies, are modelled after Manta Rays and are constructed specifically for underwater operations. They are slightly bigger than an adult human and boast a predominantly red and black colour scheme.


The Ray Mecha can swim through thick water with great speed and agility. They also come equipped with an electrified appendage at the end of their tail similar to a taser. This weapon can disable a submarine's systems and controls by short-circuiting them. However, their strength is in their numbers. Otherwise they are rather fragile machines, Gordon managing to blow one up by ramming Thunderbird 4's mechanical arm into it.