Redan produced two different titles as Specials to their very popular children's comic Thunderbirds.

Both series basically were made up with reprinted material from the first run, as the title "Best of" would suggest.

The Best of ThunderbirdsEdit

Like the title says, The Best of Thunderbirds is a "best of" series containing highlights from the previous 89 issues, consisting of the regular mix of stories, cross-sections and puzzles. Each issue had a free gift attached to the cover and retailed at £1.99. It was cancelled after just 7 issues.

Thunderbirds Collector's EditionEdit

The "Collector's Edition" contained reprinted Classic strips from the original Redan Thunderbirds, only three issues containing three episodes in each were published. The cover art work was done by artist Steve Kyte.

The Collector's Editions were released bi-monthly, contained 32 pages, and retailed for £2.25.

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