Part two of Redan Thunderbirds Comics, issues 31 through to 59.

For part one (issues 1 - 30) see: Redan Thunderbirds Comics

Issue Number 31Edit

  • Date published: 15th October 2002.
  • Free gift: Thunderbird 5 notebook.
  • Cutaway drawing: "Booster Mortar" (Thunderizer) seen in the episode Edge Of Impact.

Issue Number 32Edit

  • Date published: 5th November 2002.
  • Free gift: Thunderbird 5 plastic badge.
  • Cutaway drawing: Tracy Villa.

Issue Number 33Edit

  • Date published: 26th November 2002.
  • Free gift: Thunderbird 3 pinball game.
  • Cutaway drawing: Creighton-Ward Mansion (the home of Lady Penelope).

Issue Number 34Edit

  • Date published: 17th December 2002.
  • Free gift: Twisty Tracy brothers key ring.
  • Cutaway drawing: Lady Penelope's tea pot. (communication device).

Issue Number 35Edit

  • Date published: 7th January 2003.
  • Free gift: Shiny stickers, (Thunderbirds 1,2,3 and 4).
  • Cutaway drawing: The Mole.

Issue Number 36Edit

  • Date published: 28th January 2003.
  • Free gift: Virgil power ball.
  • Cutaway drawing: Sun Probe (spaceship).

Issue Number 37Edit


Issue Number 38Edit


Issue Number 39Edit

  • Date published: 1st April 2003.
  • Free gift: Thunderbird 3 ruler.
  • Cutaway drawing: Thunderbird 2's hangar.

Issue Number 40Edit


Issue Number 41Edit


Issue Number 42Edit

  • Date published: 3rd June 2003.
  • Free gift: "Special Thunderbird Agent" badge.
  • Cutaway drawing: Thunderbird 3's launch bay.

Issue Number 43Edit

  • Date published: July 2003.
  • Free gift: Thunderbirds yo-yo.
  • Cutaway drawing: The flight deck control systems for Thunderbird 1.
  • Note: Magazine renamed "Classic Thunderbirds" and reverted to monthly issue.

Issue Number 44Edit

  • Date published: August 2003.
  • Free gift: Thunderbirds magic slate
  • Cutaway drawing: The flight deck control systems for Thunderbird 2.

Issue Number 45Edit


Issue Number 46Edit


Issue Number 47Edit


Issue Number 48Edit

  • Date published: December 2003.
  • Free gift: Light-up pen.
  • Cutaway drawing: Lady Penelope's powder compact (communication device).

Issue Number 49Edit

  • Date published: January 2004.
  • Free gift: Thunderbirds Puffy stickers sheet.
  • Cutaway drawing: Sidewinder from the episode Pit of Peril.

Issue Number 50Edit


Issue Number 51Edit


Issue Number 52Edit

  • Date published: April 2004.
  • Free gift: Brain's glasses.
  • Cutaway drawing: The Monobrake from the episode The Perils of Penelope.
  • Note: Same free gift as issue number 5.

Issue Number 53Edit

  • Date published: May 2004.
  • Free gift: Mini basket ball game.
  • Cutaway drawing: International Rescue's fire tender, seen in Cry Wolf
  • Note: Same free gift as issue number 6.

Issue Number 54Edit

54 comic

Issue Number 55Edit


Issue Number 56Edit

  • Date published: August 2004.
  • Free gift: A packet of Thunderbirds trading cards.
  • Cutaway Jeff Tracy's jet (JT1 Condor) as seen in the episode Atlantic Inferno.

Issue Number 57Edit


Issue Number 58Edit

Redan 58a
  • Date published: October 2004.
  • Free gift: Night vision goggles (non Thunderbird related).
  • Cutaway Jeff Tracy's desk.

Issue Number 59Edit


Issue Number 60Edit

Comic 60
  • Date published: December 2004.
  • Free gift: Game watch
  • Cutaway Tin-Tin's Ladybird Jet,
  • Note: Rare comic.

Issue Number 61Edit


Issue Number 62Edit

Comic 62
  • Date published: 20th January 2005.
  • Free gift: Spinning top.
  • Cutaway The launch sequence for Thunderbird 1.

Issue Number 63Edit

Comic 63
  • Date published: 17th February 2005.
  • Free gift: Shiny stickers.
  • Cutaway The launch sequence for Thunderbird 2.

Free Gift CollectablesEdit

Every magazine has a "pocket money toy" taped to the cover, this list contains some of the more sort after by collectors.

Thunderbird FlyersEdit

One of the most sort after collectables from this comic series, was the Thunderbird flyers. Better known as frisbees, all five Thunderbird craft were released on the covers of the comic, but you had to wait until issue 37 to get the last one (Thunderbird 1) to complete a set.

Thunderbirds HatEdit

A Thunderbird hat was given away free with issue 28, and was similar in design to the much rarer ones released in 1965 by Berwick Toys and TV21 magazine.


"Thunderbirds the comic" by Fleetway publishers, was also canceled after 89 issues in March 1995.

Thunderbirds ExtraEdit

A revamped comic was launched in the new year (2005), in celebration of the 40th year of the "Thunderbirds" release on British television

For issues see: Redan Thunderbirds Extra