"Relic" is the fifteenth episode of Thunderbirds Are Go!. It was broadcast on November 7th, 2015.


While watching a meteor shower on Tracy Island, Scott contacts Thunderbird 5 to check in with John only to find out that the meteor storm is heading for a moon base that their father used to spend time on while he was an astronaut. Despite being decommissioned, the station is still inhabited by one Captain Lee Taylor, an old friend of their fathers and also ex-International Rescue member who helped them when they were just starting out as an organisation.

Alan takes Scott up to the base in Thunderbird 3 to rescue Captain Taylor however they get caught up in the middle of the meteor storm and have to use the base’s O.D.D.M ( Orbiting Debris Defence Module) to take out the meteors heading straight for the base.

Unfortunately, the moon base’s power keeps shorting out and eventually the base is bombarded with incoming shrapnel from the astral storm so Scott and Capt. Taylor decide to take their chances and escape the base, using the Luna transporter to meet up with Alan in Thunderbird 3 outside of the strike zone.



  • Alan: (sarcastically) "Tell me again how 'simple' the landing will be?"

  • Scott: "What do you make of our chances, captain?"
  • Capt. Taylor: "Er..70-30?"
  • Scott: "70-30? Uh, which way?"

  • Capt. Taylor: "Which one was Max?"
  • Scott: "You didn't read the list did you?"
  • Capt. Taylor: "I'm not much of a reader."
  • Scott: "It's five names on a piece of paper."

International Rescue Equipment UsedEdit

Non-International Rescue Equipment UsedEdit

  • O.D.D.M: Orbiting Debris Defence Module
  • Lunar Transporter



  • Scott flew with Alan on Thunderbird 3 for the first time in the series as the co-pilot.
  • Captain Lee Taylor is so far the only non Tracy family character mentioned as an International Rescue operative when they were first starting out as an organisation.
  • Moonbase Shadow Alpha 1 is named after SHADO Moonbase in UFO and Moonbase Alpha in Space:1999 and is visually loosely based off its design.
  • It is revealed that Jeff Tracy designed and manned a base on the surface of the moon.
  • The theme music slightly changed from this episode.


  • Scott uses fingerless gloves in this episode, which is definitely something that he wouldn't want to do in the vacuum of space.

Foreign TitlesEdit

  • Dutch: Relikwie
  • French: Souvenir (Memory)
  • Spanish: Reliquia
  • Japanese: 月面基地アルフィー (Lunar Base Alfie)