A camera-equipped drone, carried aboard Thunderbird 1, the Remote-Control Hover Camera uses anti-gravity technology; and enables TB1's pilot (be it Scott or Alan) to view the disaster area from the safety of Thunderbird 1's cockpit. The video-images can also be viewed on monitors aboard Thunderbird 2, as well as in TB2's Pod 5 (Laboratory Pod).

It appears in the episodes Pit of Peril (Season 1) and Edge Of Impact (Season 2).


Pit of Peril Edit

International Rescue responds to a call for help from the Army, after its massive Sidewinder vehicle tumbles into a vast pit when the ground gives way under its enormous weight.

To ascertain Sidewinder's condition, and further study the structure of the pit itself, Scott deploys the RCHC to obtain close-up views. He, Virgil and Brains study the video footage in the Laboratory Pod, to determine the best course of action for rescuing the Sidewinder's crew...

Edge Of Impact Edit

Two men are trapped at the top of the damaged International Tele-Relay tower. Arriving at the danger zone in a driving rainstorm - precluding the use of the Mobile Control Centre - Scott instead remains inside TB1, as he sends the RCHC up the length of the tower to determine the extent of damage to the tower itself; and, at the top, to check on the condition of the crew he and his brothers, Virgil and Alan, must rescue before the tower comes crashing down...


  • The Hover Camera incorporates a body-heat detection system, which is used to find people who are buired underground