The Rescue Pod is a Module Vehicle appearing in Falling Skies and Comet Chasers. It is built with two underside jets and a robotic arm on the front, which is used to repair damage to spaceships and space stations, giving it a similarity to the Helipod. It is also equipped with a docking ring which enables it to dock with other space craft.

The Pod that was used to construct the Rescue Pod was destroyed when a stray meteor struck the Solar Wind spacecraft in which the Pod was docked to causing it to explode. It is presumed the Pod was engulfed and destroyed in the explosion.


Falling SkiesEdit

Scott used the Rescue Pod to survey the damage to the Space Hotel that Brains had designed, while conducting a scan of the outer hull of the station another hull breach blew the Pod out of control hurtling into space. Scott managed to regain control and then docked with the station. The Pod was later used by Kayo to escape the collapsing Estrella Grand.

Comet ChasersEdit

When the Solar Wind was damaged by meteoroids while entering the tail of Halley's Comet, Scott launched the Rescue Pod from Thunderbird 3 and docked with the ship. When the ship was damaged further, it crashed onto the surface of the comet with the Rescue Pod still docked to it. When Scott, Francois and Madeline bounced across the surface of the comet, the rock the Solar Wind crashed on broke off and was destroyed when another rock smashed into it, engulfing the Rescue Pod in the blast.