Brains and Tin-Tin mount an expedition to find treasure in a temple on the bed of Lake Anasta in the Middle East, but the Hood learns of their plans through his psychic link with Kyrano.

Scott reports that the Automatic Camera Detector in Thunderbird 1 has been activated and Brains realizes that they all walked into a trap.

That night Brains makes a second dive into the Lake, discovering treasure stored in one of the Temple's pillars. He trips over an alarm set by the Hood and following a series of wires along the lake bed, soon runs into The Hood, who hypnotizes him once again.

The Hood blows up the temple to try and reveal the hidden treasure, but traps Brains beneath one of the columns in the process. Thunderbird 4 is sent down to rescue Brains.

Under AttackEdit

Thunderbird 4 is launched into the lake from Thunderbird 2, and Gordon finds the temple in ruins. He soon locates Brains, whose air is running out, but is fired upon by the Hood's submarine. Gordon pursues the Hood, scoring a direct hit with his missiles and destroying the submarine, but the Hood manages to escape before the submarine explodes.

The RescueEdit

Brains is trapped beneath a column, but Scott brings down a Hydrostatic Hoist which he and Gordon are able to lift the column Gordon pulls Brains clear just as the cords on the hoist snaps and the column crashes back on to the lake bed.

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