Various Rifles were used throughout the Thunderbirds episodes. This is a list of the types used.

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Jeremiah Tuttle's RifleEdit

In The Impostors Jeremiah Tuttle is seen using a rifle that can fire ordinary bullets (for hunting) or explosive bullets.

Jenkins and Carela's RiflesEdit

When Jenkins and Carela are in found by Lady Penelope, they use rifles to shoot at her.

Blackmer's RifleEdit

In Attack of the Alligators! McGill tries to ward off the Giant Alligators with a Rifle.

Banino's RifleEdit

Lady Penelope and Tin-Tin get shot at, while skiing back to their hotel in The Cham-Cham. Banino uses a rifle with a telescopic sight to fire from long range.

Path of DestructionEdit

Two rifles were seen at Sanchos Restaurant. Gutierrez also had two rifles at his police station.