"Dad's desk. I guess in a way, he's still looking out for us."
Virgil Tracy

"Ring of Fire Part 1" was the premier episode of Thunderbirds Are Go!, and sixth produced overall. The episode made its public debut at the BFI Southbank event in London on March 31st 2015 at 4PM, bundled with Ring of Fire Part 2. It is the first instalment of a 2-part adventure.


A series of underwater sea quakes along the ocean floor cause a research team to become trapped in their sea lab that perilously sits near the edge of an underwater cliff. It’s up to Scott, Virgil and Gordon to rescue and bring the research team to the surface, but before doing so Gordon discovers a device which turns out to be one of several seismic destabilises which have been left at the bottom of the ocean while following a signal which he hoped belong to their father who is 'missing in action'.

With the help of Lady Penelope, they discover that the devices causing the quakes have been created by their organisation's biggest enemy, The Hood.


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  • Virgil "No one is losing their dad today."

International Rescue Equipment UsedEdit

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  • Hot air balloon
  • Sealab 1


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  • First Appearance: Entire new cast (in the flesh, as it were).
  • First episode of the new series, and first 'new' Thunderbirds-related media in over a decade.
  • Not counting the connected subplot between The Perils of Penelope and Sun Probe, this is the first 'multi-part' episode of Thunderbirds ever, across all media.
  • This was one of two episodes having their 'official' premiere before the series was broadcast, the other being Crosscut.
  • The title of this story may be a reference to the 1966 Thunderbirds novel written by John Theydon.
  • Rather coincidentally, series director David Scott shares his last name with the first name with a Tracy brother.
  • Virgil mentions that the year is 2060.
  • There is a reference to another of the Andersons' puppet series, Stingray (which John says is his favourite show).
  • The bow of the submarine resembles the command modules of the Eagle spacecraft in Space: 1999.


  • Even though Thunderbird Shadow hasn't been unveiled yet, Kayo has it on a patch on her uniform.
  • When Alan and Kayo return from space, Alan is on the right and Kayo on the left. However, after the main rescue has finished, Kayo is on the right and Alan on the left.

Foreign titlesEdit

  • Dutch: Ring van vuur - deel 1
  • French: La ceinture de feu
  • Spanish: Anillo de Fuego: parte 1
  • Japanese: インターナショナル・レスキュー出動!(前編) (International Rescue Dispatch! (Prequel))