This page is a transcription of Ring of Fire Part 1

[The episode opens with a hot air balloon flying out of control through stormy skies.]

Father in Balloon: "Mayday, mayday. We're out of control and gaining altitude."

Boy in Balloon: "Dad I'm scared."

Father: "Stay low and hang on son."

Boy: "Dad!"

Father: "I'm at 10 thousand feet and climbing. Can anyone hear me?" [He stops at the sound of engines] "What is that?"

Boy: "International Rescue!"

[It's Thunderbird 2! She pulls up next to the balloon and Virgil Tracy appears at the top of her canopy.]

Virgil Tracy: "Looks like you could use a little help."

Father: "Look after him."

[The Father hands over his son to Virgil]

Virgil: "I've got him! Take my hand."

Father: "I can't reach"

[The Father reaches out as far as he can, but it's not enough to reach Virgil. Suddenly, the balloon breaks free from the basket and he falls towards the ground]

Boy: "Dad!"

Virgil: "Thunderbird 5, I need you now."

[Opening credits]

[Thunderbird 5]

John Tracy: "Tracking his descent. Coordinates are locked in."

[Thunderbird 2]

Boy: "Please, you have to save him."

Virgil: "No one is losing their dad today. John, what's my time window?"

John: "At terminal velocity, less than fifty seconds."

Virgil: "Strap in."

[Thunderbird 2 dives to catch up to the Father. Virgil straps himself into a harness and opens the roof hatch. He flies up to the Father, and he manages to grab his hand this time.]

Virgil: "I've got you."

[Virgil remotely actives Thunderbird 2's VTOL engines, stopping her just off the ground. Virgil and the Father fall back into Thunderbird 2's cockpit.]

Boy: "Dad!"

Virgil: "This is Thunderbird 2. Mission complete."

John: "Good job Virgil. Thunderbird 3, what's your status Alan?"

[Thunderbird 3.]

Alan Tracy: "I'm tracking the target now. All systems go for satellite capture and stabilisation. Deploying grasping arms. Engaging RCS thrusters."

John: "Remember Thunderbird 3, you only get one shot at grabbing this thing. Make it count."

Alan: "FAB. We are locked for rotational vector. 30 meters, 20, 10, contact! Huh, capture complete. Stabilising spin. I think it's going to be okay, Thunderbird 5."

John: "Well done. I almost missed my favourite show."

Alan: "And that Kayo, is how it's done."

Kayo: "Congratulations Alan. You've returned TV repeats to people across the globe."

Alan: "Maybe one of these days I'll get a real mission."

Kayo: "If anyone should be complaining, its me. I'm head of security for International Rescue and I don't even have my own ship. And right now I'm up here..."

Alan: "What, babysitting?"

Kayo: "I wasn't going to say that."

Alan: "Oh, you were totally gonna say that."

Kayo: "Okay, I was. But I didn't! And I'm sorry I thought it."

[Thunderbird 5.]

John: "Thunderbird 1, report please."

[Thunderbird 1's hangar.]

Scott Tracy: "Bad news John. This retrofit is going to take a lot longer than expected. Maybe you could come down here and give me a hand."

Brains: "Not to worry Scott. With my new mobile engineering lab, I should have you back in the air in no time. Now, let's have a look at that hatch deployment actuator." [He deploys an arm that straightens out and strikes MAX, sending him flying across the hangar.] "Oops, sorry MAX!"

Scott: "This wait is killing me. Incoming call. Lady Penelope?"

[FAB 1.]

Lady Penelope: "Hello Scott! Is Brains still working on your ship?"

Scott: "Can't rush a genius."

Lady Penelope: "Let him know crisis averted. I've managed to convince the consortium to stop hoarding their iridium reserves."

Scott: "That'll be some good news for Brains. Tracy Island out."

Lady Penelope: "Parker, when was the last time you had your eyes checked?"

Parker: "Not since the service, I'm sure. What makes you ask?"

Lady Penelope: "You're driving on the wrong side of the road. Your choice of lanes wouldn't have anything to do with the car trying to run us off the road, would it?"

Parker: "It does indeed, m'lady."

Lady Penelope: "Oh! Well, this is rather distressing. He's going to make us late. See if you can give him the slip, will you Parker?"

Parker: "Right away, m'lady." [Parker leaves a trail of oil behind FAB 1. The slick knocks the motorbike off the road.] "I always love using that."

[FAB 1 pulls up at a red carpet event. Parker exits the car to open Lady Penelope's door.]

Parker: "Here we are, m'lady. Will you be needing an escort?"

Lady Penelope: "If I can hold my own against international gangsters, I can certainly handle a royal premiere."

[Thunderbird 2.]

Virgil: "This is Thunderbird 2, on final approach to Tracy Island."

[Tracy Island kitchen.]

Grandma Tracy: "So, we meet again. That's right - automated kitchen module. Tonight, I'm cooking dinner for my family! Now where's your flipping on switch?"

[Virgil enters the lounge room.]

Grandma: "Teaspoon or tablespoon? I really ought to find someone to try this. Anyone up there?"

Virgil: "Oh no... Gordon?"

Gordon Tracy: "Hey, Virgil!"

Virgil: "How long have you been under here?"

Gordon: "From the second I sensed Grandma was looking for a test subject. I'm still recovering from the last family dinner."

Virgil: "Dad's desk. I guess in a way, he's still looking out for us."

Grandma: "Hey you two, get out from under there and taste this."

Gordon: "I guess he always did take her side."

[John appears on the holo-table.]

John: "International Rescue. I'm detecting a sea quake off the Minerva Reef."

Scott: "What can you report, Thunderbird 5?"

John: "I'm getting a mayday from an underwater research station near the epicentre."

[Sealab-1. The crew inside is screaming.]

Dr. Meddings: "Got a hull breech. Lower deck is flooding."

John: "International Rescue, can you respond?"

Virgil: "We're on our way."

Scott: "Uh. You guys will have to handle this one without me. Thunderbird 1 is still grounded."

Virgil: "We'll do our best Scott, we'll do our best."

Gordon: "Sorry Grandma, gotta go."

[Thunderbird 2 launches]

Countdown Voice: "5, 4, 3, 2, 1."

Virgil: "Thunderbirds are go."

John: "It's a Poseidon-class submersible with a crew of three. They report no injuries but are taking on water. Access to the escape hatch is blocked."

Virgil: "I'll try to stabilise the station from above and Gordon can help get them out."

Gordon: "FAB Virgil."

[Sealab-1. The crew are still screaming.]

Dr. Meddings: "What's our status?"

Engineer: "All the sub-stations are completely flooded."

Dr. Meddings: "International Rescue, this is Dr. Meddings. I don't know how much time we have!"

Virgil: "Stand by for launch, Thunderbird 4."

Gordon: "Systems check complete, docking clamp released. We are go for module deployment." [The module is released into the ocean.] "We are go for launch."

[Thunderbird 4 launches.]

Gordon: "Balance control active. Levelling off. I've got sonar lock. Five minutes out."

Virgil: "Alright, make it quick Thunderbird 4. I'll get started on stabilising it from above."

[Virgil launches two magnetic cables.]

Virgil: "This is International Rescue, is everybody alright?"

Dr. Meddings: "For the moment, yes. Our escape submersible has malfunctioned, and we're taking on water."

Virgil: "We're still attempting to attach a magnetic grapple. You may feel another shift."

Dr. Meddings: "I'd stand on my head if it helps!"

Gordon: "Thunderbird 5, have a look at my sensors, will you? I'm picking something up, and so is my famous Gordon Tracy squid-sense."

John: "Your focus needs to be on that research station, Thunderbird 4, not your squid sense."

Gordon: "Uh, John, I'm detecting a YT-88 transponder beacon."

John: "Really?"

Scott: "That's the same kind dad had on his ship!"

Virgil: "I know this is important Gordon, but can it wait until after we deal with the station?"

Gordon: "Not if it gets buried by another quake. The signal's coming from inside a fault trench."

Scott: "Gordon should check it out, just to be sure."

Gordon: "I'm inside. The signal's getting stronger! I've got a visual on something. I'm going in for a closer look. Negative, it's not dad's."

Virgil: "Sorry Gordon. Now let's get back to work. I'm having a little trouble grabbing a hold of the station."

Gordon: "Not so fast, Virgil. Whatever it is I'm looking at, it shouldn't be here. Uh oh. John, it's a seaquake!"

John: "Thunderbird 4, get out of there."

Gordon: "Oh no! John! Thunderbird 5! Uh."

John: "Gordon, come in. Thunderbird 4, can you read me? Gordon!"

[John contacts Tracy Island.]

John: "Scott, Thunderbird 4 is not responding and Thunderbird 2 is having trouble latching onto the station. We may have a situation."

Scott: "FAB, Thunderbird 5. Thunderbird 1 needs to launch ready or not."

Brains: "Scott, these modifications haven't been fully tested."

Scott: "I can't think of a better time than now. I'd suggest clearing out, that hangar is about to get toasty."

[Thunderbird 1 launches.]

Countdown Voice: "5, 4, 3, 2, 1."

Scott: "MIDAS system active. Shifting to horizontal flight. She flies great, Brains! Turbo jets engaged. Thunderbird 5, let me know the second you make contact with Gordon."

John: "FAB."

Virgil: "The station must be made of some kind of composite. I'm not getting a lock. Come on! Attach!" [Thunderbird 1 arrives.] "Thunderbird 1, welcome to the party. I'm having a hard time grabbing on."

Scott: "Let me give it a try. Yes! All right!"

[Thunderbird 1 manages to attach a cable first try.]

Virgil: "Do you have to make it look so easy?"

Scott: "Lucky shot."

Dr. Meddings: "International Rescue, we're having another sea quake. We've just lost half the legs!"

Scott: "Increasing thrust to compensate. You need to get a grab on this thing fast, Thunderbird 2, or I'm going under."

Virgil: "Okay, I got it! As long as we keep it stable, it should hold out long enough for Gordon to do the evac."

Scott: "FAB. I just hope John can get in contact with him soon."

Gordon: "Ouch."

John: "You're a sight for sore eyes."

Gordon: "Yeah, I got knocked out for a minute. I'm okay now. Thunderbird 4 is another story."

John: "So much for your would famous squid-sense."

Gordon: "Do me a favour John. Run a seismic analysis of the last two quakes, and tell me where the epicentre was."

John: "Okay, stand by. Woah! The epicentre's exactly your location!"

Gordon: "That can't be a coincidence."

John: "Is this so important you'd risk a mission failure?"

Gordon: "I think this machine is somehow causing the earthquake."

John: "No, find a way out. They need you at the station."

Gordon: "Not until I get what I came for." [Another sea quake begins.] "Uh, you have to be kidding me."

John: "Thunderbird 4, I'm picking up another quake."

Gordon: "I can confirm that!"

[Gordon fetches the device and returns to Thunderbird 4.]

Gordon: "I need to find a way out of this cave. Arming demolition missile."

[Gordon blasts the cave-in away and exits the trench.]

Gordon: "International Rescue, Thunderbird 4 is en route. Brains, I'm gonna need you to take this thing apart as soon as we get back to the island."

Brains: "FAB, Gordon, I'll be standing by."

Lady Penelope: "Gordon! To what do I owe the pleasure?"

Gordon: "I'm afraid this isn't a social call, your ladyship. I need a favour."

Lady Penelope: "Whatever you need."

Gordon: "I need our London agent to do some agenting."

Parker: "Home, m'lady?"

Lady Penelope: "Change of plans, Parker. We have another assignment."

Gordon: "Okay folks, I'm almost there."

Scott: "Good news Thunderbird 4."

Virgil: "Make it quick, I'm not sure how much longer we can hold on."

Dr. Meddings: "International Rescue, the control room is flooding. Just get us out of here!"

[Tracy Island. Alan and Kayo have just returned from their excursion in Thunderbird 3.]

Alan: "We leave the planet for a few hours and the whole world falls apart!"

Kayo: "But at least it has TV."

Gordon: "All right, here's the plan. I'm cutting my way in from underneath. I'll evac the crew in dry tubes. Thunderbird 5, have the crew prepare for immediate evacuation. Everyone cool?"

Scott: "FAB."

Virgil: "Works for me."

Gordon: "Okay then, here we go."

[Gordon begins to cut his way into the lab.]

Gordon: "Okay, I'm inside. Making my way to the crew compartment. I'm inside the control room. All hands accounted for."

Virgil: "Good news Thunderbird 4. But hurry, we're hanging on by a thread here."

[Gordon retrieves the female engineer first.]

Gordon: "You're gonna be okay. First dry tube is away. One more to go. I'm going back in." [Another sea quake strikes.] "The lab is shifting. It's gonna flip any second. Argh!"

Scott: "The lab's too heavy. It's pulling us both under!"

Virgil: "Thunderbird 4, can you read me? Gordon, do you read me! Gordon?"

Gordon: "FAB, Thunderbird 2. My radio's damaged, but we're alright. Release the cables. Thunderbird 2, stand by by for retrieval."

Virgil: "FAB, Thunderbird 4."

[Module 4. The first dry tubes are surfacing.]

Virgil: "I've got you." [Virgil turns to Gordon.] "Nice job, bro. See you back at the ranch, Thunderbird 1."

Scott: "FAB."

[Tracy Island.]

???: "Hey, good work, guys!"

Grandma: "Oh, welcome back."

Alan: "Yeah!"

Brains: "Good to have you back."

[Gordon notions to the earthquake device he found.]

Gordon: "Well, what do you think?"

Alan: "I think you've found where sea junk goes to die."

Brains: "It is rather crudely made."

[Virgil yawns.]

Brains: "I'll begin my analysis immediately."

John: "International Rescue, I'm picking up seismic activity like I've never seen before. multiple earthquakes all under sea. Epicentres are equal distance apart, and they're going off in sequence."

Brains: "Earthquakes typically don't work like that. This is highly unusual."

Gordon: "I'm telling you, it's because someone is causing them all on purpose - with these things."

Virgil: "Why would someone want to cause an earthquake? It's 2060. That's not the kind of world we live in."

Lady Penelope: "I'm afraid it might be, Virgil. It was made with off the shelf components, according to my h'expert."

Scott: "H'expert?"

Parker: "That would be me, sir. Quite a brisk trade for these bits on the black market, so I'm told."

Brains: "In that case, they should be easy to track."

Lady Penelope: "Precisely, Brains. I already have. We're at the address where much of the equipment was shipped. This is rather alarming. There's a note here, addressed to International Rescue. It says: press me, and all your questions will be answered."

Scott: "I say we press the button and deal with the consequences."

Alan: "I smell a trap."

Grandma: "I wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole."

Scott: "I want answers."

Alan: "I'm telling you, trap!"

John: "Kayo, what do you think?"

Kayo: "It definitely looks dodgy. But, what's the worst that can happen?"

Parker: "My thoughts exactly."

Lady Penelope: "Parker!"

John: "Global airwaves are being taken over. I'm running a trace but it looks like the source is being masked."

The Hood: "Now that I have your attention, you have by now felt the earthquakes in the southern ocean. Those were only the beginning. There will be more, many more, and they'll be increasing in magnitude until my very reasonable terms are met. If not, every city along the ring of fire will be brought to its knees, and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it, including International Rescue. If you put your trust into them, you will regret it."

Virgil: "Only one person has that much contempt for International Rescue."

Alan: "That was him, wasn't it?"

Scott: "The same person responsible for dad's crash. That was the Hood. He's back."