The river house is a dwelling in Attack of the Alligators!. Situated next to the Ambro River, it is home to Dr. Orchard, Hector McGill and Mrs. Files.


Inside the HouseEdit

The LaboratoryEdit

In his laboratory, Orchard shows Blackmer the Sidonicus Americanus, a rare plant that grows only in this part of the Ambro River. From it, Orchard has developed a food additive called theramine, which greatly increases the size of animals fed with it. This discovery obviously has great potential as a solution to the world food shortage, and even greater financial implications.

The River House Comes Under AttackEdit

Alligators are turned into giants, after Culp tips some of the Theramine down the sink. The house comes under attack, after one of the alligators chases Dr. Orchard to the front door. The Alligators set about destroying the house trying to get to the people inside.