The Martian Rock Snakes are a form of extraterrestrial life native to the planet Mars. Their serpentine bodies resemble a system of conjoined boulder-like stones. When the creatures are dormant, they can take the appearance of a coil-like pile of rock, as their bodies blend into their environment. As a means of offence/defence, the creatures can fire a spark-showering fireball from their "mouths".



Dr. Tony Grant, Greg Martin, Ray Pierce, and Paul Travers growing suspicious about the rock formations

During the Zero-X mission in the year 2067, the manned Martian Exploration Vehicle (MEV) landed on the surface of Mars to survey the landscape and collect rock samples to take back to Earth. Dr. Ray Pierce and Dr. Tony Grant grow suspicious of the strange, coil-like rock formations that seem to litter the survey area. Dr. Grant dismisses the formations as being nothing more than solidified exuded rock-sludge from the planet's molten core, but Dr. Pierce decides that the best thing to do would be to take a piece of the "rock formations" back to Earth. Space Captain Greg Martin destroys one of the nearby formations, and Dr. Pierce prepares to collect the remains.

Rock Snakes fire

The Rock Snakes opening fire on the MEV.

However, unbeknownst to the crew, another rock formation began to stir into motion, standing up and firing a fiery projectile at the MEV. The crew realize they are under attack by the extraterrestrials, and are extremely outnumbered. Captain Paul Travers contacts the Zero-X main body (orbiting Mars and being piloted by Space Navigator Brad Newman), who informs the crew that he is in the wrong orbital position for the MEV to make a rendezvous. Captain Travers realizes that they cannot last against the onslaught of the Rock Snakes, and decides to lift off prematurely, regardless of the risks. Miraculously, the Zero-X main body was close enough to meet the MEV in orbit. The Zero-X then departed for Earth without further delay.

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The Rock Snake awakening.

Behind The ScenesEdit

To allow the creatures to breathe fire, they were fitted with Schermuly rockets.