Ross is a character from Alias Mr. Hackenbacker. He is a seasoned criminal wanted for murder, among other things. He foolishly joined the gang that tried to hijack the new Skythrust airliner.



At a disused airfield in the Sahara Desert, Collins and Ross wait for the airliner (Skythrust) to arrive, which has has been hijacked by co-conspirators Madeline and Mason. Ross stands by on the radio waiting for a message from the plane.

A Wait in VainEdit

Unbeknown to the gang, Skythrust has been diverted to London Airport after Thunderbird 2 disabled the undercarriage by means of a non-explosive missile.

Instead of the suspected arrival of the hijacked aircraft, Thunderbird 2 swoops in and delivers a devastating blow with another missile - but this time, it is an explosive one, leaving the two criminals well and truly battered.


  • The same puppet also appeared Season 1 episodes as numerous characters (e.g., Kenyon).

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