Round house

The Round House is a building on Tracy Island. It is so called because of its doughnut-shaped appearance. It was built to provide additional accommodation, guest quarters and leisure facilities. This is also the cover for Thunderbird 3's Launch silo. It is built above a sunken circular oriental garden and accessed by a path running to the east of the main house (Tracy Villa).

The house comprises of two levels of bedrooms and living areas, plus one lower level for utilities, including a laundry room and storage areas.

Thunderbirds Are GoEdit


Thunderbirds Are Go

In the movie Thunderbirds Are Go, the Round House looked rather different than it did in the TV series. It went from being a single storey building to a two storey one. The number of steps on the external stairway was greatly increased, whereas the height of the balustrade was decreased. Clearly, it was felt that the scale of the original building was incompatible with that of Thunderbird 3, a rocket which is said to measure 287 feet (c. 87 meters) in height.


  • The general shape of Thunderbird 5 was based on the Round House, after several previous designs for it had already been rejected.
  • A force field and sensor array was built into the inner heat resistant walls, to ensure Thunderbird 3 doesn't collide with the Round House when lifting off or returning to base.

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