The Tracy Island runway runs from the base of the cliff to a small jetty that juts into the sea. This air strip is used for light aircraft such as Jeff Tracy's Jet and the Ladybird Jet. Its secret purpose is the launch site for Thunderbird 2.

To facilitate Thunderbird 2's launch procedure, concealed hydraulics incorporated into the artificial palm trees lining the runway are operated to lower them into a tilted position preventing obstruction of Thunderbird 2's wingspan. Once reaching its concealed ramp and exhaust extractor, the craft fires its rear thrusters to become airborne. The projecting seaward end of the runway can also be lowered to provide a ramp for Thunderbird 4 if hover-powered launch mode is selected, it also doubles as a landing stage for small boats.

Emergency ProceduresEdit

The runway is also equipped with water/foam cannons to extinguish fires in the event of an aircraft crash-landing. Controlled from the Cliff House emergency control room, the foam/chemical filter incorporating bypass ducts and valves, enabling precision control of the cannon on different sections of the runway.

The Crash Landing Of Thunderbird 2Edit

Having strayed into a Naval test area, Thunderbird 2 is attacked by missiles launched from the U.S.N. Sentinel. The giant craft is badly hit and narrowly avoids crashing into the sea. Virgil Tracy pilots the stricken Thunderbird to a crash-landing on Tracy Island. He is not badly hurt but Thunderbird 2 will be out of action for weeks.

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