The Saharan Atomic Station is a nuclear-powered desalination plant that appeared in The Mighty Atom. It was opened just one year after a similar one in Eastern Australia had been destroyed.

The Hood steals an amazing surveillance device from a research unit. Looking to all intents and purposes like a small mouse, this device can penetrate installations undetected and photograph control systems by focusing on the technicians' faces as they monitor the control room panels.

The Hood sets off to Africa with the surveillance mouse to photograph the control room of the new plant, crossing the Sahara desert in his jeep.

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The Control RoomEdit

From the control room, the fully automated station can be monitored, the idea of the scheme is to process the sea and oceans with atomic energy into fresh water, then pump it into the Earth's deserts.

Control Room(2)

The Control Room StaffEdit

The Saharan Atomic Station was manned by Reactor Controller Wade who had previously worked at the atomic station in eastern Australia. He had with him a new assistant, called Collins.

The Mighty Atom in the Control RoomEdit

The Hood sends in the Mighty Atom to photograph the control room, and it works! Even when spotted by Collins, the mouse hides behind the equipment, just as programmed.

The Hood's Plan to Lure International RecueEdit

The Hood sets off a fire in the manner of the one at the atomic plant in Australia with high explosive, He plans to lure International Rescue and use the Mighty Atom to photograph the control cabins of the International Rescue craft. Having previously witnessed the disaster at the Australian plant, Wade recognizes the nature of the fire and immediately calls International Rescue.

The Control Cabin (Reactor Control)Edit

Scott and Virgil put on protective clothing and go into the control cabin to shunt down the reactor rods.

Reacter Room