Sam Denham in 2015

Sam Denham (born January 8th, 1960) is an author and documentary producer. A Thunderbirds fan from an early age, he has worked on a number of books relating to the series such as Derek Meddings' 21st Century Visions (under his pen name Sam Mitchell) and the Thunderbirds Haynes manual (alongside artist Graham Bleathman).

More recently, he has written for the fanzine Andersonic. Denham also wrote episode guides for and contributed at least one interview to Thunderbirds: A Complete Guide to the Classic Series, and allowed Marcus Hearn to photograph and scan some of the rarest items from his collection for Thunderbirds: The Vault (which Hearn is the author of).

Denham is expected to make a documentary of the days of the Thunderbirds team that will be released around 2018 or thereafter. Additionally he received thanks on the Thunderbirds 50th anniversary brochure for his valued contributions in the production of the book.


  • His official first name is Cameron; presumably that name became Cam, and later Sam.
  • He is known as "Denham Orbital" on Facebook.

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